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DiSTI Corporation Releases Enhanced Virtual Reality Development Platform

The DiSTI Corporation has unveiled VE Studio 2023.2, a new version of its virtual reality (VR) development platform for procedural-based virtual training. This latest update brings significant improvements to VR interactions and behaviors, with architectural updates for tethered and mobile headsets across multiple manufacturers, enhancing the sense of immersion for users and facilitating easier learning and information retention.

The VE Studio 2023.2 update reflects DiSTI's commitment to continuously improve its VR software product, with enhancements including support for IL2CPP builds, updates to the Requirements Analyzer tool, bug fixes, and compatibility with newer versions of 3D Studio Max.

Developers using VE Studio 2023.2 can now benefit from various new features. The platform now supports IL2CPP builds, enabling developers to use specific software development kits (SDKs) and libraries that require IL2CPP within Unity. For example, developers can leverage Tobi eye-tracking libraries to enhance their projects.

VE Studio 2023.2 also introduces support for various VR equipment, such as hand tools, electronic devices, complex test equipment, and virtual consumables like tape and cotter pins. The development of virtual support equipment remains consistent between VR and desktop deployments.

Additionally, developers can utilize VR 2D probes to take probe-based measurements in VR, similarly to using a multimeter. They can also create interactions using VR 2D to 3D probes, allowing them to perform bonding checks on 3D objects.

The updated Requirements Analyzer tool, now called C# Requirements Analyzer, features an improved user interface, updated architecture, and faster performance to enhance the development process.

Furthermore, VE Studio 2023.2 adds support for the latest versions of 3D Studio Max, including 2021 and 2022, improving modeling tools for 3D modelers and increasing overall quality and development speed.

Existing VE Studio customers interested in updating their current version can inquire about the upgrade process by contacting [email protected] For more information about VE Studio and the solutions offered by DiSTI, please reach out to [email protected]