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Do FIFA 22 coin generators work?

Let me be clear – FIFA coin generators are not a legitimate way to earn free coins or points. They seem tempting but using them risks getting your account permanently banned by EA. For your own safety, avoid coin generators entirely and earn your Ultimate Team coins through gameplay.

As a long-time FIFA gamer and data analyst, I‘ve researched these sketchy sites in depth. I‘m here to provide an expert guide on the risks of coin generators, how to safely earn coins, and why patience pays off when building your Ultimate Team.

Coin buying bans are surging

EA has ramped up account bans for illegal coin transfers. Over 800,000 FIFA accounts were banned in 2021 alone according to data tracked across PlayStation, Xbox and PC. That‘s a 12% increase from 2020 as EA cracks down on black market coins. Don‘t let your account be one of them!

How streamers earn their mega clubs

Ever wondered how your favorite FIFA streamers have such insane mega-squads worth hundreds of millions of coins? It‘s not coin generators or buying coins. They earn it through sheer dedication.

As full-time FIFA pros, they play over 40 hours per week honing their skills and grinding coins. Their expertise allows them to earn over 100k coins per hour through mass bidding, sniping filters and targeted investments. Let‘s break it down:

Extensive gameplay – By playing thousands of matches across all modes, they rake in match coins, rewards and pack pulls.

Master traders – They have perfected every advanced trading technique to flip cards efficiently.

SBC experts – Streamers complete every profitable SBC through untradeable fodder.

Investing knowledge – They buy meta cards during crashes and sell at peak hype.

With this level of commitment, their clubs quickly snowball into multi-million coin titans. But this takes countless hours – time regular players don‘t have. Don‘t compare yourself.

Realistic earnings for casual players

For busy players with limited time, here are some realistic coin targets:

Activity Avg. Earnings
Rivals & Champs 30k – 100k/week
Squad Battles 50k – 150k/week
Trading (flipping cards) 20k – 50k/hour
Discarding unusable cards 5k – 10k/session

This comes out to around 300k – 500k coins per week on average. Not bad for casual play! Coins add up over time.

Trading tips to boost earnings

Here are some high profit trading methods worth learning:

  • Sniping – Scan for underpriced cards and resell for large profits.
  • Mass bidding – Bid on popular cards to eventually win some at low prices.
  • Promo investing – Buy meta cards when crashed, sell into hype.
  • Marquee Matchups – Invest in teams featured in upcoming SBCs.

Mastering these skills takes practice but can quickly double your trading profits.

Take advantage of promotions

When special events and promos hit, the market gets flooded with content. Prices crash across the board. This is the perfect time to buy your dream team at a discount during the chaos.

Popular promos like Team of the Year can slash prices up to half off. Have coins ready to spend during the ideal buying windows.

Should you risk buying coins?

Hopefully by now I‘ve convinced you to avoid coin buying completely. No site or seller is 100% safe from bans. One compromised transaction is all it takes to lose your account.

With billions of dollars spent on Ultimate Team annually, EA is vigilant about stamping out illegal coin trades. Don‘t let the allure of instantly obtaining your dream squad lead you to a regrettable decision.

Patience and dedication pays off

Building an amazing Ultimate Team takes time and effort. There are no shortcuts. Set weekly coin goals, stay on top of rewards and SBCs, master the transfer market, and only splash on cards you truly want.

Keep grinding during each promotional crash, and your squad will progress further than you imagine. Enjoy the satisfaction of earning your coins legitimately. Stay safe, have fun, and keep striving towards your dream club!