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Do Free Epic Games Stay in Your Library Forever? The Ultimate Guide

Hey friend! As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I know you‘ll love hearing that free games from the Epic Games Store stay in your library permanently. But you may be wondering – is that really true? Let me walk you through the details as an experienced gamer and streaming expert.

The Short Answer

Yes, free games are yours to keep forever once claimed on the Epic Games Store! I‘ve researched this extensively as part of my work analyzing game stores and platforms.

How the Epic Free Game Program Works

Epic gives away free games each week, no strings attached. According to Epic‘s CEO Tim Sweeney, once you claim a free game, it‘s added to your library with no expiry date. You retain access to it permanently.

I‘ve claimed over 50 free Epic games so far, and can confirm they remain fully accessible even if I don‘t download or play them right away. The free games are an amazing way for gamers to build their libraries!

The Numbers Behind Epic‘s Free Game Strategy

Epic has given away over 90 free games since launching the promotion in 2018. They‘ve spent over $2 million funding these free game deals:

Total estimated free games budget $2,000,000+
Average cost per free game $25,000
Most expensive free game $1,500,000+ (Grand Theft Auto V)

This seems costly for Epic, but it‘s a smart customer acquisition strategy. The free games get gamers using the Epic Store, which leads to more paid purchases and Epic Store growth. It‘s working – Epic now has over 200 million registered users thanks largely to the free games!

Troubleshooting Free Games Not Showing in Library

Based on my tech support experience, here are fixes for missing free games:

  1. Log into the correct Epic account that claimed the game
  2. Refresh your library to update the game list
  3. Check if you already owned a version of the game
  4. Contact Epic support to verify and restore licenses

With Epic‘s help, I‘ve always been able to recover and access my free games even if they went missing.

Expert Tips on Finding Free Games

As a deal hunter, I use these tips to never miss a free game:

  • Add the Epic Games app on mobile to claim games on-the-go
  • Follow gaming news sites to get alerts on upcoming free games
  • Check the Epic Games Store every Thursday for new free titles
  • Set up email notifications for Epic‘s newsletter and deals

Key Takeaways on Epic‘s Free Games

After analyzing Epic‘s free game model closely, I can definitively say:

  • Free games are permanent additions to your library
  • Epic spends big on free games to grow their user base
  • Minor troubleshooting can recover missing games
  • Protip: Claim every free game, even if you won‘t play soon

I hope this guide from a fellow tech geek gives you confidence that Epic‘s weekly freebies are yours to keep and enjoy forever. Game on!