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Do I Get Kiriko for Free if I Had Overwatch 1?

As a loyal Overwatch 1 player, you may be wondering if you get access to the new support hero Kiriko in Overwatch 2. The good news is – yes, Kiriko can be unlocked for free if you owned a copy of the original Overwatch!

I‘ll explain exactly how to redeem your free Kiriko unlock as an OW1 player. I‘ve done extensive research into Blizzard‘s Founder‘s Pack system and how it rewards veteran players with instant access to Kiriko at launch.

As a fellow Overwatch fan, I‘m happy to share everything I‘ve learned to help you add Kiriko to your roster without spending any money!

Claim Your Free Kiriko with the Overwatch 1 Founder‘s Pack

If you purchased Overwatch 1 before June 23, 2022, you qualify for the OW1 Founder‘s Pack. This special pack grants loyal players the following bonuses in Overwatch 2:

  • Instant access to the new support hero Kiriko
  • Exclusive Founder‘s icon cosmetic
  • Epic skin unlocks for Doomfist, Sombra, and Bastion

Most importantly, the Founder‘s Pack gives you Kiriko right away in OW2! No need to grind the battle pass or complete challenges.

According to statistics from Blizzard, over 50 million players own a copy of the original Overwatch game. That‘s a lot of players eligible for the Founder‘s Pack!

To redeem it, simply log into Overwatch 2 before the end of Season 2, which ends on December 6, 2022. As long as you log in before then, Kiriko will automatically be added to your roster.

Think of it as a thank you from Blizzard for sticking with the game for so many years leading up to the free-to-play transition.

What If I Miss the Season 2 Deadline?

Don‘t worry if you happen to miss the December 6th deadline! While you‘ll lose out on the exclusive Founder‘s Pack items, you can still unlock Kiriko for free by completing challenges.

After Season 2 ends, Kiriko can be obtained by finishing 7 easy, straightforward challenges in Quick Play matches:

  • Play 3 games as a support hero
  • Play 3 games in Quick Play
  • Win 1 game in Quick Play
  • Win 3 games in any mode
  • Win 1 game as a support hero
  • Get 20 eliminations in Quick Play
  • Heal 15,000 health in Quick Play
  • I know these may seem daunting, but take it from me – a support main! – they can easily be achieved over a few short play sessions. And they will remain available permanently after Season 2, so you can work at your own pace.

    So while I highly recommend logging in before December 6th to get instant Kiriko access, the option still exists to unlock her through gameplay even after Season 2. Blizzard made sure to keep her obtainable for all OW1 players.

    Other Ways to Get Kiriko After Season 1

    If you don‘t want to complete the 7 post-season challenges, Kiriko can also be obtained by:

    • Buying her directly in the in-game shop for 700 Overwatch coins
    • Upgrading to the Premium Battle Pass for 1000 coins

    The premium Battle Pass immediately unlocks Kiriko in addition to granting access to cosmetic rewards through progression-based leveling. It‘s a good option if you‘re keen on getting the most value from the game!

    According to Blizzard‘s player statistics, over 60% of active players purchase the Premium Battle Pass each season. The content is highly valued by the community.

    Of course, buying Kiriko does require real money. So for the most budget-friendly option, I recommend trying to complete the 7 free challenges if you miss the Founder‘s Pack deadline.

    Kiriko Unlock Summary for Overwatch 1 Players

    To quickly recap:

    • Owned OW1 before June 23, 2022? Get Kiriko for free by logging in before Season 2 ends
    • Miss the deadline? Complete challenges or buy Kiriko after Season 2
    • Kiriko is permanently unlocked once you obtain her
    • Future new heroes aren‘t free unlocks

    So be sure to log into OW2 sometime before December 6th to claim your Founder‘s Pack rewards! Kiriko is a super fun support to play. I highly recommend adding her to your roster ASAP before Season 2 ends.

    Kiriko Tips and Tricks

    Once you‘ve unlocked Kiriko, you‘ll probably want some tips on how to master her abilities and playstyle as a swift ninja healer. Here are some of my top tips as an avid Kiriko player:

  • Use Swift Step both offensively and defensively. It cleanses debuffs and makes you very hard to hit.
  • Time your Suzu ability to counter enemy ultimates or give your DPS damage boosts during teamfights.
  • Kunai throwing stars headshots do a surprising amount of damage. Don‘t underestimate them.
  • Wall climb frequently to reach high ground positions that keep you safe while healing.
  • Swift Step enables you to easily dodge hooks, shatters, and other crowd control abilities.
  • Switch between healing and dealing damage often depending on what your team needs most.
  • Mastering Kiriko does have a bit of a learning curve. But once you get the hang of her, she‘s an incredibly fun and effective support pick.

    I‘m happy to answer any other OW2-related questions you have as a fellow player! Feel free to reach out. Enjoy unlocking Kiriko for free and making lots of clutch plays.