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Do I Have to Buy MW2 to Play Warzone 2 on PS5?

Hey there! As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I know this question has been on a lot of PlayStation players‘ minds lately. Well, as an avid tech geek and Call of Duty fanatic, let me clearly explain whether or not you need to buy MW2 to enjoy Warzone 2 on your PS5.

The Short Answer

No, you absolutely do NOT need to purchase Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to download and play Call of Duty: Warzone 2 on your PlayStation 5. Warzone 2 is completely free-to-play, so you can install and enjoy the full experience on your PS5 without paying a dime!

Breaking Down the Details

While the core Modern Warfare 2 game costs $69.99, Warzone 2 is a separate, standalone free-to-play battle royale title. According to Activision, you do not need to own MW2 in order to access Warzone 2.

Think of Warzone 2 as its own independent Call of Duty game tailored specifically for battle royale, and available entirely for free on PS5.

Here are some key facts:

  • Warzone 2 is free-to-play – no PS Plus required
  • It does not share progression with MW2
  • No MW2 purchases transfer over to Warzone 2
  • You can install and play Warzone 2 without ever buying MW2

Based on this, Call of Duty experts overwhelmingly agree that there is no Modern Warfare 2 purchase required for Warzone 2. It is a completely standalone free experience on PS5.

Installing Warzone 2 on Your PS5

Getting Warzone 2 up and running on your PlayStation 5 is quick and easy:

  1. Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS5
  2. Search for "Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0"
  3. Select "Download" on Warzone 2‘s store page
  4. Let the 80-100GB download and installation complete
  5. Once installed, launch Warzone 2 from your PS5‘s home screen or library

Within about an hour or so, Warzone 2 will be fully installed and ready for you to squad up and dive into the new DMZ mode, Resurgence maps, and massive Al Mazrah battle royale map – completely free!

Warzone 2‘s Key Features and Modes

As a free-to-play download, what exactly does Warzone 2 include? Let‘s overview some of the major features you‘ll be able to enjoy without paying a cent:

  • New massive battle royale map – Al Mazrah
  • Revamped 2.0 looting and inventory system
  • Gulag 2.0 1v1 duel system
  • New DMZ extraction mode
  • Circle collapse, buy stations, contracts
  • Full progression system and battle pass
  • New swimming and vehicle mechanics
  • Solos, duos, trios, and quads playlists

You get full access to the core Warzone 2 experience and all of its major modes without needing to buy anything.

How Big is the Warzone 2 Download Size?

The Warzone 2 download size clocks in between 80-100GB total on PS5. That makes it one of the largest Call of Duty downloads yet.

For comparison, here are other recent Call of Duty install sizes:

  • Modern Warfare 2 – 72GB
  • Warzone Pacific – 80GB
  • Black Ops Cold War – 95GB
  • Modern Warfare 2019 – 175GB

So the Warzone 2 file size lands squarely between Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops Cold War. Make sure you‘ve cleared up enough room on your PS5 SSD before installing!

Should I Buy MW2 for Warzone 2?

While completely optional, there are some good reasons you may want to consider picking up the Modern Warfare 2 package in addition to playing free Warzone 2:

  • Access to MW2‘s multiplayer maps and modes to level up weapons faster
  • Unlocks Operator skins, blueprints, and other cosmetics to use in MW2 and Warzone 2
  • Ability to play MW2‘s campaign, Spec Ops modes, and third-person playlists
  • Shared progression system and battle pass between MW2 and Warzone 2

However, these are just extra perks and not requirements by any means. I only recommend buying MW2 if you really want to experience all its various modes and content. But just for playing Warzone 2, no purchase is needed.

The Bottom Line

While the Modern Warfare 2 package provides additional content and integration, it is absolutely not required in order to enjoy Warzone 2 on PS5. You can freely install, play, and unlock items in Warzone 2 without paying a dime.

I hope this guide clearly answers the question and provides some helpful insights! Let me know if you need any other details as you prepare to drop into Warzone 2 on your PlayStation. Stay frosty out there!