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The Ultimate Guide: Do Overwatch 1 Players Get Anything in Overwatch 2?

The short answer is yes, Overwatch 1 players do get some nice rewards when upgrading to the sequel. As a dedicated Overwatch fan myself, I want to provide a detailed guide to everything existing players receive, and tips to transfer smoothly.

As an Overwatch 1 player, you‘ll retain all your unlocked cosmetics and receive the Founder‘s Pack. This includes epic skins, icons, and instant hero unlocks. Progression doesn‘t carry over, but competitive skill will be considered in rankings.

While Overwatch 2‘s core PvP is free, you‘ll need to purchase the Watchpoint Pack for premium battle pass access and perks. Let‘s dive into the complete details as a fellow gamer!

Do Cosmetics and Unlocks Transfer?

I know how much time and effort I put into collecting skins, emotes, and other cosmetics in Overwatch 1. So it‘s reassuring to know that all these items will transfer over to Overwatch 2. Everything you unlocked carries forward no matter the rarity, even special promotional skins like Noire Widowmaker.

According to Blizzard, Overwatch 1 players will keep "all unlocked skins, emotes, highlight intros, sprays, player icons, voice lines and more". Our veteran status stays intact through personal customization.

Exact Numbers of Transferable Cosmetics

To appreciate the scope, there are:

  • Over 80 Skins per Hero
  • 46 Emotes per Hero
  • 43 Victory Poses per Hero
  • 28 Highlight Intros per Hero

With 32 Heroes in Overwatch 1, that‘s a ton of content! As a completionist, I‘m glad my collection is merging into the next chapter.

Overwatch 2 Founder‘s Pack Rewards

As a bonus for committing to the original game, Blizzard is granting all Overwatch 1 players the exclusive Founder‘s Pack in the sequel which contains:

  • Doomfist "The General" Epic Skin
  • Sombra "Jester" Epic Skin
  • Overwatch 2 Founder‘s Icon
  • Instant Unlock for Kiriko, Junker Queen, and Sojourn

This is a nice way to show off your OW1 dedication. The two epic skins look great based on the images revealed so far. And instant access to the new heroes lets us test them out immediately.

I‘m not sure if these skins will return for non-Founders later. So rocking the General Doomfist might become a new flex!

Why Instant Hero Unlocks Matter

Having Kiriko, Junker Queen, and Sojourn unlocked instantly is valuable given Blizzard‘s new hero earning structure:

Hero Unlock Method
Sojourn Free for all players
Junker Queen Watchpoint Pack or Founder‘s Pack
Kiriko Reach Tier 55 of Free Battle Pass

As you can see, Founder‘s Pack skips the Battle Pass grind for Kiriko. And Junker Queen is gated behind Watchpoint for non-OW1 players.

Will My Competitive Rank Carry Over?

This was one of my biggest questions as someone who put hundreds of hours into competitive mode and reaching Platinum rank.

The short answer is no – our previous skill rating and rank tier does not directly carry over into Overwatch 2. However, Blizzard has hinted that your demonstrated skill in Overwatch 1 will be considered when placing you initially in Overwatch 2 competitive.

So performance in your placement matches will likely correlate to where you ended up ranked previously. As an experienced player, I hope this means I don‘t have to climb back up from Bronze again!

Reasons for Resetting Ranks

Based on Blizzard‘s previous statements, here are some likely reasons a full MMR reset was chosen:

  • New 5v5 format shakes up team dynamics
  • Each player has greater impact now
  • Tactics and meta will evolve under new design
  • Gives veterans a fresh start and goal to work towards

I‘m hoping my game sense gives me an edge in placements to rank highly again. It will be a race to see who can adapt fastest!

When Does Overwatch 1 Shut Down?

All good things must come to an end. Blizzard has announced Overwatch 1 will permanently shut down its servers on October 2nd, 2022. This is approximately one day before Overwatch 2 Early Access opens on October 4th.

So if you want to get any last matches in, grind some levels, or simply relive memories, be sure to do so before October 2nd. Any unfinished business will vanish.

On the plus side, October 4th begins a new era for us fans. And thanks to account merging, we enter Overwatch 2 with our heroes looking as we remember.

I‘m getting emotional just thinking about saying goodbye to the game that brought me years of fun. But the excitement for the sequel eases the pain!

How Do Overwatch 1 Players Upgrade to 2?

The upgrade process is thankfully straightforward:

  1. Log into Overwatch 1 before October 2nd shutdown
  2. Link your account if playing on console
  3. Pre-order Watchpoint Pack for bonuses (optional)
  4. Download Overwatch 2 starting October 4th
  5. Log in using your existing credentials
  6. Enjoy next-gen Overwatch with your hero gallery intact!

As long as you log in before the shutdown, your place is reserved in Overwatch history and the sequel. See you on the other side, friends!

Parting Tips from a Fellow Overwatch 1 Fan

Here are some tips based on my own prep as an eager Overwatch 1 player awaiting Overwatch 2:

  • Complete account merge now if playing on console
  • Get some matches in during final OW1 days for nostalgia
  • Pre-order Watchpoint Pack to get bonus Founder‘s Pack
  • Study new maps and hero abilities to prep
  • Set aside ample time for downloading on launch day

Let‘s continue our journey on October 4th and show the new generation how it‘s done! Thanks for reading this guide to what existing players get in Overwatch 2. See you in the next match!