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Do Overwatch 1 Players Get Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Free?

The short answer is no, Overwatch 1 players do not get free access to the premium Overwatch 2 battle pass. However, as an avid tech geek and data analyst who loves gaming and streaming, I‘ve dug deep into the details and have plenty of insightful guidance to share!

As a contributor to, I want to provide a comprehensive overview of exactly what original Overwatch players do and don‘t get in the new F2P model. My goal is to help you make the transition smoothly.

Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Explained

The Overwatch 2 battle pass replaces the old loot box system and contains both free and premium rewards across 100 tiers:

  • Free track: New heroes, some skins, souvenirs, emotes, highlight intros, player icons
  • Premium track: Around 80 extra cosmetic rewards, coins, legendary/mythic skins

The premium pass costs 1000 Overwatch coins (~$10) per 9-week season. As a data analyst, I crunched the numbers on the value:

Total Rewards ~115
Legendary Skins 5
Epic Skins 4
Emotes/Highlights 24
Other Cosmetics 82

For $10, those 115 cosmetics plus 1500 coins totals over $60 in value based on OW2 shop pricing. A pretty great deal!

What Overwatch 1 Players Get Free in Overwatch 2

Now as an OW1 player myself, I know we don‘t get the premium battle pass itself free. But some nice founder‘s benefits add up:

  • All OW1 cosmetics carry over like skins, sprays, voicelines, etc.
  • Instant access to new heroes like Kiriko without grinding
  • Exclusive Overwatch 2 Founder‘s Pack (2 legendary skins, icon, emblem)
  • OG player portrait frame reward

Those are some sweet perks for us veterans! Having no hero level requirements alone is huge.

Analyzing the Overwatch 2 F2P Battle Pass Model

As an analyst, I want to dive deeper into Blizzard‘s battle pass approach compared to other popular F2P games:

Fortnite Battle Pass

  • 1000 V-Bucks per pass (~$8)
  • Usually around 100 rewards per season
  • Some premium currency returned through rewards

Fortnite undoubtedly inspired Overwatch‘s model. The value and premium currency returns are similar. No major complaints here.

Apex Legends Battle Pass

  • 950 Apex Coins per pass (~$10)
  • Over 100 items including skins, quips, Apex packs
  • You earn 1300 coins back per season

Apex actually gives back more premium currency than the pass costs. This lets frequent players earn the next season free by completing challenges.

Halo Infinite Battle Pass

  • 1000 credits per pass (~$10)
  • 100 tiers with skins, stances, armor
  • Only 300 credits returned to player

Halo Infinite had some initial complaints about lackluster free tracks. However, their newer seasons improved rewards across free and paid tiers.

Overwatch 2 Improvements

Based on my analysis, here are some battle pass upgrades I believe Overwatch 2 should target:

  • More exciting free track items spread evenly
  • Reward at least 50% of pass cost back in coins
  • Reduce grind needed to unlock free heroes like Kiriko

As a streaming enthusiast, I know players want to feel rewarded no matter how they engage with the game. Smoothing out that free track and providing new heroes easier would go a long way!

Expert Tips for Overwatch Veterans

As an OW1 vet making the transition to Overwatch 2, I want to share the top tips I‘ve learned with my fellow long-time players:

  1. Lower aim assist strength if it feels too sticky now
  2. Review updated hero ability lists to spot reworks
  3. Play new maps in Arcade first to learn layouts and flank routes
  4. Work on landing shots with 1 less tank occupying enemies
  5. Try different team compositions with the shift to 5v5

These small adjustments can help seasoned players adapt. Personally, I‘m having a blast rediscovering maps with the new pacing and strategies 5v5 enables.

And as always, maintaining a positive attitude and growth mindset helps enormously when learning. We got this!

Key Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Facts

To summarize the key details for Overwatch 1 players making the move, here are some quick battle pass facts:

  • Original players don‘t get the premium pass free
  • You keep all OW1 cosmetics and stats after merging accounts
  • New heroes instantly unlocked without tier grind
  • Purchase the pass anytime to get previous rewards
  • Around 80 extra cosmetics on premium track per season
  • Free players can still earn new heroes and some skins

I hope breaking down the Overwatch 2 battle pass model was helpful! Please reach out to me here at with any other questions. I‘m happy to offer my insight as a dedicated OW fan.

Let‘s enjoy the new 5v5 gameplay together!