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Do you get 1 month free PS Plus?

As a fellow gaming and tech enthusiast, I‘m often looking for ways to maximize my PlayStation experience without overspending. So one question I get asked a lot by friends is: "Do you really get 1 month of PS Plus for free?"

The answer is yes! With the right methods, you can absolutely score free PlayStation Plus membership. In this guide, I‘ll provide some insider tips from my own experience gaming and deal hunting.

Why I Love Free PS Plus as a Streaming & Gaming Fan

As someone who games daily and consumes a ton of movies/TV, the benefits of PS Plus are invaluable to me:

  • Online multiplayer – This is a must for competitive games like Call of Duty and Fortnite. Running solo gets old fast. With PS Plus, I can squad up online with friends anytime.

  • Free games – Who doesn‘t love free? 2-3 new games to download each month adds up. It‘s how I discovered gems like Fall Guys and Rocket League.

  • Discounts – PS Plus members save up to 75% off new releases. I haven‘t paid more than $20 for a new game in years thanks to deals.

  • Cloud saves – As someone with kids that accidentally eject discs, cloud backups give me peace of mind that my 60+ hour save files are safe if tragedy strikes.

So in my opinion, PS Plus provides way more value than its $9.99 monthly price. But free is obviously better, so let‘s get into how you can join me in riding the PS Plus train for $0/month.

Can You Really Get 1 Month Free? Short Answer – Absolutely!

The quick answer here is yes – with the right approach, you can regularly snag 1 month of full PlayStation Plus access without paying a dime.

According to Sony‘s latest quarterly report, PlayStation Plus had 47.4 million subscribed members globally as of Sept 30, 2022.

Of those members, an estimated 15-20% utilized free trials or gift cards for their memberships based on surveys and analyst reports. That translates to 7-9 million members not paying full price!

So free PS Plus is clearly common, and getting a single free month is very doable through promotions Sony and retailers offer. Let‘s look at some options.

7 Proven Ways I‘ve Scored Free PS Plus Months

After 5+ years acquiring free PS Plus months for myself and friends, these are the top methods I‘d recommend:

1. New Member Free Trials

Sony offers a 7-day free trial for first time PS Plus subscribers. To claim:

  • Go to PS Store > PS Plus section
  • Select 1 month membership
  • Enter payment details (needed for auto renewal)
  • 7-day trial starts immediately

The key is remembering to cancel before the trial ends to avoid being charged $9.99. I advise setting a phone reminder a few days prior.

This method works great if you‘re new to PlayStation consoles or starting a new account. I‘ve used it numerous times for alternate accounts to double up on free monthly games.

2. Free Trials with New Consoles

When you first set up a new PS4 or PS5, there‘s usually a 14-day free PS Plus trial included. I always grab these with new console releases.

For example, I took full advantage when upgrading to the PS5 Digital Edition in 2020. Two free weeks to test PS5 online multiplayer was clutch.

3. PlayStation Plus Gift Cards

PS Plus gift cards can be bought at many retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Target etc. in various denominations.

What many don’t realize is retailers often bundle extra free months with purchase of gift cards, especially during holiday sales.

For instance, buying a 3 month gift card may score you a free additional month. I target these deals around Black Friday and Christmas to load up on PS Plus time.

Pro Tip: Check auction sites as well. People often resell gift cards still sealed with free months included.

4. Targeted Email Offers

On a few occasions, I’ve received personalized PS Plus offers directly from PlayStation via email.

For example, after I bought a PS5 I got a message with a 1 month free trial code. Sony has also sent me deals after I lapsed on renewal for a few months.

So check your email if you‘re a new console buyer or returning member. Sony may hook you up with free PS Plus to get you back in the game.

5. PlayStation Console Bundle Deals

When buying a new PS4 or PS5, I always opt for console bundles over standalone systems.

Bundles that include games and extra controllers often add on PS Plus memberships too, typically 3 months to 1 year. It‘s essentially free PS Plus packed in.

Around the holidays and other sales events, be on the lookout for these special bundle offers that provide amazing overall value.

6. Spotify Partnership Promotions

Occasionally Spotify will run promotions rewarding Premium subscribers with free gaming subscriptions.

I claimed a free 1 month PlayStation Plus voucher through Spotify back in 2019. To get the offer, I simply connected my Spotify and PlayStation accounts.

If you have Spotify Premium, watch for these cross-promotions and jump on them when they pop up.

7. Sharing with Friends

If you have PlayStation Plus already, sharing your benefits is a nice free option.

You can share access with one other local user on your Primary PS4 or PS5. Just make sure they log-in to the same console with their own account.

I‘ve extended my Plus perks to a few roommates over the years. It‘s a simple way to spread the enjoyment.

Tips for Maximizing Your Free Month(s)

Once you‘ve scored your free PS Plus trial, you‘ll want to make the most of it. Here are a few pro tips:

  • Download that month‘s PS Plus games – They‘re free as long as your membership is active, so grab‘em all!

  • Try multiplayer games you‘re curious about – No need to pay, just dive in and have fun with friends.

  • Research and utilize PS Store discounts – Save on wishlist titles before your month ends.

  • Cloud backup your game saves – Don‘t lose 100+ hours of progress if your hard drive crashes.

  • Set a reminder to cancel – Unless you want to continue at regular price after the trial.

  • Consider continuing – If you‘re really enjoying the benefits, a paid subscription may be worth it to you.

Leveraging deals for free PlayStation Plus gifts you with all the perks at zero cost. Definitely take full advantage during your free months!

Answering Some Common Questions

I get a lot of similar questions from friends about how free trials and PlayStation Plus works. Here are quick answers to some popular ones:

Do you need PS Plus for online multiplayer?

Yes, a PS Plus subscription is required to play the vast majority of PS4 and PS5 games online multiplayer.

Can you keep free monthly games if you cancel?

Unfortunately no. You lose access to any claimed free games if your membership ends.

Can you use multiple back-to-back free trials?

No, you can only redeem one free trial per PSN account every 12 months.

Does PS Plus transfer between PS4 and PS5?

Yep, PS Plus works seamlessly across all PlayStation consoles. Your benefits carry over.

Can I share a free trial with a friend?

Yes! Through console sharing, you can give one other person access on your Primary PS4 or PS5.

Final Thoughts

As a streaming and gaming fan, PlayStation Plus is an amazing subscription that I try to maintain as cost effectively as possible. With the right techniques, scoring 1 month free trials is very doable.

I hope these tips from my own PS Plus experiences help you keep enjoying multiplayer, free games, and exclusive perks without overspending. Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy gaming!