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Do you have to be married to have a baby in Sims FreePlay?

The short answer is yes, you do need to get married first before your Sims can get pregnant and have babies naturally in Sims FreePlay.

As an avid Sims FreePlay player and expert, let me explain in more detail how getting married and having babies works in the game.

Getting to Know Sims FreePlay

For those new to it, Sims FreePlay is a popular free-to-play life simulation game from EA. You create virtual people called "Sims" and build houses for them, then help them live their lives. As a fan of simulation and strategy games myself, I find it incredibly fun and addicting!

Some key facts about Sims FreePlay:

  • It first launched in 2011 and is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.
  • The game has been downloaded over 100 million times.
  • You can create up to 42 Sims per game.
  • There are babies, kids, teens, adults and seniors.
  • Sims age and progress through different life stages.

Why Marriage is Required for Pregnancy

Now, onto the main question – do Sims have to be hitched to get preggo? The game makes marriage a requirement before Sims can get pregnant and expand their families naturally.

This differs from real life, where plenty of couples have children without ever tying the knot. But the Sims FreePlay developers decided that marriage should come first. This encourages family-focused gameplay.

Some speculated reasons behind the marriage requirement:

  • It helps structure the family unit which is central to the game.
  • It provides a clear progression system from dating to marriage to kids.
  • It appeals to more conservative players who value traditional marriage.

Regardless of the reasons, marriage is a must for pregnancy in the traditional way. But there are some workarounds, which I‘ll explain soon.

Getting Married in Sims FreePlay

If you want to grow your Sims household, you need to put a ring on it first! Here are the steps to get hitched:

Step 1) Make your Sims interact romantically until their relationship is maxed out. Flirt, hug, hold hands, etc.

Step 2) Have one Sim propose going steady to the other once the relationship bar is full. Say yes to the proposal.

Step 3) Keep building the romance until the relationship bar fills up 100% again.

Step 4) Now the Sim can propose marriage. Make sure both Sims are living together.

Step 5) Select the interaction "Get Married" and your Sims will have a wedding!

Based on my experience, it takes 2-3 in-game days of constant romance to go from strangers to married couple. Once you‘re hitched, it‘s baby time!

Unlocking and Using the Pregnancy Feature

Even after marriage, your Sims can‘t get pregnant right away. First you need to unlock the pregnancy feature, which is thankfully easy.

Here‘s how to access it:

Step 1) Build the Maternity Store from the Build menu. This triggers the "A Bump-y Ride" quest.

Step 2) Complete all the quest goals to finish the quest.

Step 3) Select the "Pregnancy" option from any crib to impregnate a married female adult Sim!

Once pregnant, it takes around 3 in-game days for the baby to be born. Make sure the mom-to-be stays comfortable and keep her needs met. Then visit the hospital when she goes into labor!

You can repeat this process to have up to 4 babies/kids per household. And as the kids age up, you can have more!

Having Babies Without Marriage

While marriage is required for natural pregnancy, there are some workaround ways to add babies/kids to a home without it:

– Adoption: Unmarried adult Sims can adopt children from the Adoption Center. This will place a kid in your house instantly.

– Direct Addition: Select the "Add Baby" or "Add Child" options from the crib menu to manually place a new little one.

– Moving In: If you move in a pregnant female Sim or one already with kids, they‘ll come along!

So even though you can‘t biologically conceive without marriage, these options exist for unmarried and same-sex couples to still grow a family.

Useful Sims FreePlay Baby Tips and Tricks

Over the years playing Sims FreePlay, I‘ve picked up some useful baby-related tips that new parents may find helpful.

– Bassinets Speed Things Up: Use a bassinet to rapidly improve a baby‘s needs and keep it happy.

– Kids Mature After 5 Days: Babies become kids after around 5 in-game days.

– Teens Grow Up in 7 Days: Kids transition to teens after 14 days, then teens become young adults after 7 more days.

– Have Up to 4 Kids: Households are limited to 4 babies/kids total. Upgrade to larger homes if you want more.

– Adopt in Pairs: Adopt kids in twos to get the "Dynamic Duo" achievement.

I hope these tips help you raise happy and healthy Sim kids! Please let me know if you have any other Sims FreePlay questions. I‘m always happy to share my knowledge as a long-time player.

The Joys of Sim Parenthood

While real life parenting is filled with stresses and struggles, raising Sim children is pure fun. As a self-proclaimed expert on Sims FreePlay, I highly recommend starting a virtual family.

From pregnancy to childbirth to the toddler days, it‘s an incredibly rewarding experience. And it unlocks so many new gameplay elements like passing on genetics, shaping personalities, and milestone events.

So get your Sims hitched and be fruitful! A bustling household with kids running around is a true delight. I hope this guide gives you everything you need to know about getting married and having babies in Sims FreePlay. Just remember – put a ring on it first!