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The Ultimate Guide to Path of Titans – Is it Really Free to Play?

The short answer is yes – the core Path of Titans gameplay experience is 100% free, but additional dinosaur species beyond the starter pack require purchase. You get full access to the expansive open world, multiplayer servers, progression systems, and 4 rotating dinosaurs completely gratis. But if you want to expand your prehistoric roster, you‘ll need to pay for DLC packs.

What is Path of Titans and How Does it Play?

Let me welcome you to the world of Path of Titans, an immersive dinosaur survival simulator set in a sprawling naturalistic environment. In the game, you take control of a dinosaur avatar from a roster of over 30 playable prehistoric species. Starting as a young hatchling, your goal is to survive and thrive against hunger, thirst, and dangerous carnivores roaming the world.

As your dinosaur, you‘ll need to hunt AI creatures for food, find fresh water sources to drink from, and accomplish quests to earn progression points. Levelling up allows you to unlock new abilities and stat boosts for your dino. The expansive map provides tons of areas to explore – from dense forests to dry deserts to swamplands, each with unique challenges.

The core gameplay revolves around staying alive by satisfying your dino‘s needs while avoiding predators and environmental hazards. You can customize your dinosaur‘s appearance with feather variations, scars, and more. The simulation aims for a high degree of realism – you need to carefully manage food reserves, stamina, thirst, health, and other factors. Survival requires planning and strategy. Of course, you can also mix it up by hunting fellow players or joining up in packs for protection.

Key Gameplay Features

  • 30+ playable prehistoric species – everything from velociraptors to stegosaurs
  • Robust progression system with quests and leveling to unlock abilities
  • 1:1 scale mapping of dinosaurs based on scientific data
  • 8km x 8km open world map teeming with dynamic wildlife
  • Day/night cycle, changing weather, robust ecosystem simulation
  • Solo or multiplayer with 200 player per server limit

This creates an immersive domain where you experience life as dinosaur up-close. Now let‘s dive into what content you get for free.

What Comes Free in Path of Titans?

The excellent news is the developers have made Path of Titans very generous in terms of free content. By downloading the game on PC or console, you get full access to:

  • All Official multiplayer servers – play online with up to 200 others
  • The full grown adult life cycle for 4 starter dinosaurs
  • An 8km x 8km map to explore filled with AI creatures
  • All core gameplay systems and content
  • The entire questing/progression system with leveling
  • Character customization options like feathers and scars
  • Changing weather, day/night cycles, and ecosystem

They essentially give away the complete core Path of Titans experience – no grindwalls or pay-to-win barriers. You can play as long as you want and get the same enjoyment as paid players.

The only limitation is access to more dinosaurs beyond the starter pack of 4. These rotate between dryosaurs, carnotaurs, pachycephalosaurs, parasaurolophuses. But 4 dinos still provides dozens of hours of survival gameplay.

How Much Content is in the Free Version?

To quantify it, the free version gives you:

  • 4 fully playable dinosaurs with customized progression
  • Over 50 quests spread across 5 difficulty tiers
  • Up to 200 hours of gameplay to fully progress the starter dinos
  • 4 out of 5 playable environments/biomes to explore
  • Access to all core survival/multiplayer features

So you still get tons of content and gameplay time without spending a dime. Let‘s now look at what extra dinosaurs cost.

Unlocking More Dinosaurs – How Much Does it Cost?

While the base experience may be free, to gain access to the other 26+ prehistoric species you need to purchase DLC packs. These come in a few forms:

  • Individual DLCs that unlock 1-4 new dinosaurs for $5-$15
  • Bundles that package 3-5 DLCs together at a discounted price
  • Season passes that offer access to all new DLC releases

For example, on PC:

  • The Acrocanthosaurus DLC unlocks 1 new dinosaur for $5
  • The Hadrosaurs Bundle offers 4 new dinosaurs for $15
  • The Saurian Expansion contains 5 DLC packs for $40

The exact DLC pricing can vary slightly based on the platform. But in general expect to pay ~$5 per new dinosaur species. Cosmetic skins for dinosaurs can also be purchased.

So is gaining access to new dinosaurs worth it? Well that depends on the type of player you are…

Is Path of Titans Worth Buying?

Whether or not you should invest money into Path of Titans comes down to your personal interests and playstyle as a gamer. Here‘s a breakdown:

For Casual Players

If you just want to casually try out controlling a dinosaur and don‘t care about specific species, the free content is likely enough. The starter pack provides a great experience to get your feet wet and sample the gameplay. You‘ll have fun growing and progressing the free dinos while exploring.

For Dino Enthusiasts

The DLC really shines for hardcore dinosaur fans who want to play as their favorite specific prehistoric creatures. If you absolutely need to be a stegosaurus or velociraptor, the DLC purchases make sense. You can cherry pick the species a la carte.

For Social/Multiplayer Fans

Those focused on playing with others may want to pick up DLC. Expanding your available dinosaur roster helps ensure you offer variety to your pack or herd. It also reduces chances of others having the same dino.

For Completionists

To fully collect ‘em all, you‘ll have to pony up cash. Expect to spend $60-100 to get the complete roster and cosmetics. Path of Titans has over 600 unlockables according to the developers.

So weigh your own gaming preferences. But the good news is the free version still provides an extremely solid jurassic playground.

Optimizing Your Free Experience

Here are some pro tips to maximize your enjoyment as a free Path of Titans player:

1. Fully Grow Your Starter Dinosaurs

Take the time to fully progress each free dinosaur from juvenile to late elder. Doing all their quests will familiarize you with key mechanics. It also provides a sense of completion before moving to paid dinos.

2. Explore the Vast Open World

Don‘t just focus on quests – wander off and explore the expansive map. There are secrets and resources to discover, and unique areas like lava flows. Finding hidden caves or hilltop vistas enhances immersion.

3. Join Social Herds for Protection

Playing collaboratively in groups will give you strength in numbers against predators. And herdmates may have paid dinosaurs you can interact with.

4. Change Up Playstyles

Try different gameplay approaches – be stealthy, go fully aggressive, or focus on support abilities. This keeps the starter dinosaurs feeling fresh.

5. Participate in Events and Contests

The regular in-game events offer chances to win cosmetic items for free by completing special objectives. A bit of grinding, but no money required.

6. Follow Developer Giveaways

The Path of Titans Twitter often gifts DLC codes to fans. So stay on their radar for chances at free new dinosaurs.

Best Starter Dinosaurs for Beginners

If you‘re just entering the world of Path of Titans, I recommend starting with these dinosaurs while learning:


This quick, herbivorous small dinosaur is very beginner friendly. With good stamina and speed you can easily flee from predators when in trouble. Their flocking abilities also help detection.


For new players wanting to start as a carnivore, the Carnotaurus is a great choice. It‘s larger size offers strength while remaining agile. Newcomers can easily down AI prey.


This armored plant-eater can take a beating early on thanks to the thick dome on its skull. You also learn defensive tactics like ramming opponents.


A support character perfect for group play. Its buffing abilities help keep your pack alive while you learn social dynamics.

System Requirements for Smooth Performance

Before you dive in, make sure your hardware meets the minimum specs below:

Minimum Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit or newer
CPU: Intel Core i5 or equivalent
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 950 / AMD Radeon RX 560
Storage Space: 10GB

Recommended for 60fps:

OS: Windows 10 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core i7 or equivalent
GPU: NVIDIA RTX 2060 or Radeon RX 5700 XT
Storage Space: 20GB

Pay attention to the GPU – an older or integrated graphics card will struggle with Path of Titans. For ideal performance at high settings, aim for a newer mid-range model.

Also consider installing on an SSD rather than HDD – this significantly improves loading textures and terrain generation. Adjust settings downward if you experience choppiness.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, Path of Titans succeeds as a free-to-play dinosaur simulator. The generous starter pack provides hours upon hours of prehistoric survival enjoyment. While expanded dino options are locked behind DLC, the core experience shines for any dino lover.

For players who grow attached to the games engrossing world, expanding your roster offers even more customization and fun. But enjoy the free version first and see if you get hooked before spending. With frequent improvements and passionate developers, Path of Titans should consume any gamer with an appetite for dinosaurs.

Just be careful not to become lunch yourself when crossing paths with a hungry T-Rex!