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Do You Keep Epic free games forever?

As a tech geek and avid gamer myself, I‘m excited to provide you this comprehensive guide on Epic‘s incredible free game program. I‘ll share my insider knowledge to help you make the most of these permanent freebies!

My History with Epic‘s Free Games

I‘ve been claiming Epic‘s weekly free games ever since the program began in late 2018. As a diehard PC gamer on a budget, it was like a dream come true – high-quality games I could keep indefinitely, at no cost? Sign me up!

Over the years, I‘ve amassed quite a valuable library of AAA and indie classics from Epic‘s giveaways. From recent hits like Shadow of the Tomb Raider to all-time greats like GTA V, my game collection has expanded enormously. And I‘ve saved hundreds of dollars.

Better yet, every single free game from Epic is mine forever – the promotions are a permanent addition to your library. Let me walk you through exactly how it works.

How Epic‘s Weekly Free Games Work

It‘s really simple: each week, Epic offers 1-3 free games for a limited time. If you claim them during the promotion, they are permanently added to your library – no strings attached.

Some key details:

  • New free games go live every Thursday at 11AM Eastern Time
  • You have 1 week to claim them before the promotion ends
  • Claimed games are tied to your Epic account forever
  • You can download and play them anytime after claiming

So essentially, it‘s like getting free games delivered to your doorstep each week! Now let‘s talk about how you can start building your library.

Claiming Your Weekly Free Games

If you don‘t already have the Epic Games Launcher installed, you‘ll need to do that first. Don‘t worry – it‘s completely free. Just head to

Here‘s how I claim new free games each week:

  1. Open the Epic Games Launcher and go to the Store section
  2. Look for the free game(s) advertised prominently on the main page
  3. Click the button to add the free game(s) to your account
  4. A confirmation will show the game has been successfully claimed!

Once claimed, you can download and play these games whenever you want. I try to never miss a week, since you have to act while the deals are live.

The Best Free Epic Games I‘ve Claimed

In the 5+ years since the program started, I‘ve snapped up so many awesome free games from Epic‘s store. Here are a few of my favorites:

Game Normally…
Grand Theft Auto V $30
Borderlands 3 $60
Prey $40
Wolfenstein: The New Order $20

As you can see, we‘re talking popular AAA franchises here! Epic has given away over $2,500 worth of games to me personally so far. And my library keeps expanding week after week.

Pro Gamers Tip: Link Your Epic Account!

As a hardcore gamer, I recommend linking your Epic account to other gaming platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. This allows you to access your games and progression across all your devices.

For example, I can start playing Fortnite on my Xbox, and then later log in on PC and find all my gear, stats, and unlocks there waiting for me! Here‘s how to enable cross-progression:

  1. Go to and ensure you‘ve logged in
  2. Under your profile, click "Connected Accounts"
  3. Choose which platforms you want to link up
  4. Follow the instructions to complete the link

Once connected, your Epic profile acts as the hub for all your gaming content. Super handy!

Locating Your Epic Game Files

Wondering where Epic stores all your downloaded games? I‘ve got you covered. By default, they are saved here on your main drive:

Documents > My Games > [GameName] > Saved > SaveGames

You can access game files, saves, mods, and so on in this location. I always back up my save files to the cloud for safekeeping in case I need to reinstall.

Can You Add Epic Games to Steam?

This question comes up a lot. So while the Epic Launcher is required to install and update Epic games, there are ways to neatly integrate them into your Steam library for launching.

I use a great little tool called GloSC that generates Steam library entries for all your titles across launchers. Here‘s how GloSC works in a nutshell:

  1. Download and install GloSC (it‘s free)
  2. It scans your system and adds all games to Steam
  3. Epic games now appear in your Steam library for easy access!

This method works flawlessly in my experience, and makes juggling multiple launchers a breeze.

Making Room for Downloads

Modern game installs take up a ton of drive space, with AAA titles averaging 50GB+! Here are a few of my tips for freeing up room when dealing with massive Epic downloads:

  • Use an external SSD as expanded storage
  • Uninstall games you no longer play
  • Clean up Windows temporary files (always a space hog!)
  • Use compactors to shrink installations without quality loss
  • Lower texture settings in some games for smaller footprint

With a bit of management, you‘ll always have room for the latest and greatest free games from Epic.

The Epic Free Game Tradition Continues

While writing this guide, I was thrilled to hear Epic confirm they will keep the weekly free game program running all the way through 2023! As a long-time fan, this news made my day.

Epic really ushered in a new era of player-friendly generosity in the games industry. I can‘t wait to see what amazing freebies they have in store over the next year and beyond.

My game library stands at over 150 titles thanks to Epic‘s giveaways so far. And with each weekly reveal, I get that same exciting feeling of wondering what freebie I‘ll get to claim next!

One Final Tip from a Pro Gamer

I‘ll leave you with one last pro gamer‘s tip: be sure to add any free Epic games you‘re interested to your wishlist. That way, you‘ll get an email notification if they ever go free or on sale!

Enjoy exploring the world of free games from Epic. This is just the beginning – with a few simple steps each week, you‘ll build up an amazing cross-platform collection in no time.

Game on!