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Do You Lose Pokémon if Pokémon HOME Expires? A Detailed Guide

The short answer is no – your Pokémon will not be deleted or lost if your Pokémon HOME subscription expires. You‘ll just have limited access to them until you renew.

As an avid Pokémon trainer and gaming geek, I‘ve used Pokémon Bank, Pokémon HOME, and all kinds of storage systems over the years. So I totally get the worry of losing your buddies if a subscription lapses!

But I‘m here to assure you that your Pokémon will stay perfectly intact in Pokémon HOME without a Premium plan. Let me walk you through exactly how it works…

Breaking Down Pokémon HOME Premium vs. Basic Plans

First things first – Pokémon HOME comes in Premium and Basic versions. Here‘s an at-a-glance comparison:

Feature Premium Basic
Pokémon Storage Up to 6,000 Max 30
Box Access All Boxes Box #1 Only
Trading Options Full Wonder Box & Room Trades Limited Trades
Connectivity Mobile & Switch Mobile Only

So as you can see, Premium gives you full functionality while Basic severely limits what you can access.

But here‘s the key fact – downgrading from Premium to Basic does NOT delete your Pokémon!

What Actually Happens When Your Premium Expires

I‘ve let my own Premium subscription lapse a couple times over the years. So here‘s exactly what happens:

  • You‘ll only have access to the first Pokémon Home box, with space for 30 Pokémon.
  • The rest of your Pokémon will be inaccessible, but 100% safe on Pokémon HOME‘s cloud servers.
  • You‘ll lose the ability to trade or transfer Pokémon from your Switch games.
  • But zero Pokémon are deleted! You just can‘t see or use them until you re-subscribe.

So for example, if you had boxes full of 3,000 Pokémon with Premium, when it expires you‘d only see those first 30 Pokémon in Box 1.

But your other 2,970+ Pokémon aren‘t going anywhere! They remain perfectly intact in storage, unable to be accessed or seen without renewing your Premium plan.

How Long Will Pokémon Stay in Limbo?

I‘ve seen some players worry that unrenewed Pokémon will eventually disappear if left too long in restricted Basic mode. But there‘s no need to panic!

Official sources confirm your Pokémon can be stored in Pokémon HOME indefinitely. There is no time limit or automatic deletion process if you don‘t renew Premium.

Unlike past services like Pokémon Bank (which would delete Pokémon eventually), your Pokémon HOME collection is stable no matter how long your subscription lapses.

Let‘s say you don‘t renew your Premium plan for 2 whole years…then come back and re-subscribe. You‘ll pick up right where you left off – all Pokémon boxes and data intact!

What If You Completely Close Your Pokémon HOME Account?

Okay, there is ONE exception here.

If you fully delete and close your Pokémon HOME account during the lapsed period, then yes, you would lose access to all stored Pokémon.

But as long as you keep the account open and active, even without Premium, your Pokémon will stay safe on the cloud servers! Just renew whenever you‘re ready to access them again.

Recovering Missing or Accidentally Traded Pokémon

Sometimes you might search Pokémon HOME and come up empty. Where did that rare Shiny Eevee go?!

Here are some steps to track down missing Pokémon:

  • Check your old game cartridges if you still have them.
  • Carefully comb through every Pokémon HOME box again.
  • Contact Pokémon HOME customer support – they can sometimes restore lost Pokémon!
  • If Pokémon were accidentally Wonder Traded away, they are gone for good. But most other cases can be fixed.

The key is acting fast if you notice anything amiss, and providing as much info as possible to customer support. With quick action, many missing Pokémon can be recovered!

The Bottom Line

As a fellow Pokémon collector, I know how much time and dedication goes into catching and raising your teams. So I totally get wanting to keep them safe!

The bottom line: You don‘t have to worry about losing Pokémon when your Pokémon HOME subscription ends. Your Pokémon collection will stay perfectly intact in storage until you renew.

So breathe easy – your Pokémon aren‘t going anywhere! With the proper Premium plan, you can securely store your entire collection across devices and access them any time.

I hope this guide has answered all your key questions about what happens if Pokémon HOME expires. Let me know if you need any other tips for mastering Pokémon storage and keeping your teams safe!