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The Ultimate Guide to Getting 10 Free Gold Bars with 2-Step Verification in Red Dead Online

Yes, you can still get 10 free gold bars in Red Dead Online by enabling two-step verification on your Rockstar Social Club account in 2023. This has been an active reward since 2018 for new players adding 2SV security to their profiles.

What is 2-Step Verification and Why Use It?

Two-step verification, also known as 2SV or two-factor authentication, is an extra layer of security that requires two forms of authentication when logging into an account:

  1. A password that you know.
  2. A randomly generated code from your mobile device that you have in your possession.

This combination makes it exponentially harder for hackers to access accounts, even if they manage to steal or guess your password. The code from your phone adds an additional step that only you can complete.

I highly recommend enabling 2SV for all of your important online accounts including email, social media, banking, and gaming profiles. The extra minute or so it takes to log in is worth it for the added peace of mind.

According to a 2022 survey from Specops Software, around 71% of respondents said they use 2SV for at least one online account. However only 23% use it for all of their logins. So while adoption is growing, there‘s still room for improvement!

For gaming specifically, 2SV prevents hackers from stealing your hard-earned progress and items. For competitive titles, it stops cheaters from ruining the experience using your account. Like a strong padlock on a bank vault, 2SV secures your virtual valuables and data.

How Secure is Two-Step Verification?

Statistics show that 2SV makes a massive difference in account security:

  • Accounts with 2SV are up to 99% less likely to be breached according to a 2022 TeleSign report.
  • Over 90% of successful cyber attacks start with stolen passwords according to Verizon‘s 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report. 2SV mitigates this.
  • GitHub saw a 100% drop in account takeovers after implementing 2SV across their user base.
  • Apple and Microsoft have blocked over 99.9% of automated bot hacker login attempts thanks to 2SV protections.

The numbers speak for themselves – two-step verification dramatically improves your online security. It adds tangible technical barriers that most opportunistic or automated attacks simply cannot pass through.

Types of Two-Step Verification

There are a few different versions and technologies used for 2SV:

  • SMS text codes – A 6-8 digit code is texted to your phone which you enter after your password. Easy but less secure.
  • Authenticator apps – You scan a QR code and the app generates time-sensitive 6-7 digit codes on your phone for logins. More secure than SMS.
  • Hardware keys – Small physical devices that plug into your computer that must be present to login. The most secure method.
  • Biometrics – Using fingerprints or facial recognition. Convenient but less secure than other methods.

SMS and authenticator apps are the most common types of 2SV used by gaming and social media sites. Hardware keys are found with high security corporate accounts. Biometrics like fingerprint or face ID tend to be supplemental features rather than the sole 2SV factor.

How to Enable 2-Step Verification

The process for enabling 2SV varies slightly by platform and provider but generally follows a similar flow:

  1. Access your account security settings page and locate the 2SV option.
  2. Initiate the 2SV activation process.
  3. Download and install an authenticator app on your smartphone (Authy and Google Authenticator are popular choices).
  4. Scan the QR code displayed on the website with your authenticator app to sync your account.
  5. The app will generate a 6-7 digit one-time password (OTP). Enter this back into the website to validate.
  6. Confirm the activation and you‘re all set! Future logins will require:

    a) Your account password

    b) Current code from the authenticator app

It only takes a few minutes to complete. The instructions on most platforms like Rockstar Social Club walk you through step-by-step.

I‘d recommend taking an extra minute to backup your authenticator app in case you get a new phone. This prevents losing access to all your 2SV accounts.

Overall the initial setup is quick, easy, and definitely worth it for the security payoff. Just be sure to keep your phone secure as it now holds the keys to your accounts!

Claiming Your Free Gold Bars in Red Dead Online

Activating two-step verification on your Rockstar Social Club account is done through a browser on PC or mobile:

  1. Visit and log in.
  2. Click your profile picture in the top right corner then choose Settings.
  3. Select the Security tab.
  4. Click on 2-Step Verification.
  5. Click on Enable Two-Step Verification.
  6. Follow the steps to scan the QR code with your Google Authenticator or Authy app.
  7. Enter the 6-7 digit code from the app when prompted.
  8. Click Enable 2SV and confirm to complete the process.

Once you have two-step verification enabled on your Rockstar Social Club account, boot up Red Dead Online on console or PC. The 10 gold bars may take up to 48 hours to be deposited into your character‘s balance after activating 2SV.

This bonus gold is granted on a per account basis, so you won‘t receive it again on alternate characters. But it‘s a nice head start, especially if you‘re just beginning your Red Dead Online journey!

Other Ways to Get Gold Bars in RDO

While the 10 free gold bars for enabling 2-step verification provide a solid chunk of starting gold, you‘ll need to earn more through gameplay as you progress. Here are some of the most popular gold earning methods in Red Dead Online:

Daily Challenges

  • Complete at least 1 daily challenge to keep your streak going.
  • The daily multiplier increases by 0.2 gold bars for every consecutive day.
  • After 28 days you earn 0.5 gold per challenge. Highly lucrative!

Stranger Missions

  • Complete stranger missions around the world marked by question marks.
  • Taking longer on missions rewards more gold, up to 0.32 gold for the maximum time.

Resetting Awards

  • Go to Progress in the menu and scroll through awards.
  • Select an award you‘ve completed and click Reset to do it again.
  • Earns you 0.4 gold bars for each reset of an award.

Bounty Hunting

  • Taking on bounties from sheriffs racks up gold over time.
  • Bringing in targets alive provides the most gold rewards per bounty.

Treasure Maps

  • Loot treasure maps from hideouts, enemy camps, and as level up rewards.
  • Follow the drawings to dig up treasure chests with cash, gold bars, and other loot.
  • Typically provide 1 gold bar per treasure map found.

Participating in Events

  • Join special game modes and free roam events marked with icons on the map.
  • Most activities reward small amounts of gold for completing objectives and winning.

With some consistent play over the first few weeks, you can accumulate plenty of gold bars without having to spend real money. But there‘s nothing wrong with buying a few here and there if you don‘t have much time to grind!

What Can You Purchase with Gold Bars in Red Dead Online?

Now that you‘ve scored some free gold bars from activating 2-step verification, here are some of the most popular ways to put them to good use:

Unlock Roles

  • Bounty Hunter – Track down fugitives for gold and role XP.
  • Collector – Find rare items and sell them for profits.
  • Trader – Run a hunting/trading business from your camp.
  • Moonshiner – Open a black market distillery for income.
  • Naturalist – Study and track legendary animals.

Each role unlocks unique gameplay, items, and cosmetics. They cost 15 gold bars to unlock.

Outlaw Passes

  • Purchase premium passes to earn exclusive limited-time rewards.
  • Earn back all the gold spent plus coupons and consumables by ranking up the pass.
  • Usually cost around 40 gold bars per season.

Camp and Shack Upgrades

  • Customize your camp with flag designs, dog breeds, and themes.
  • Add bar, band, and guest room upgrades to your Moonshine Shack.
  • Prices range from around 5 to 700+ gold bars.

Clothing and Cosmetics

  • Change up your look with ponchos, hats, masks, and more.
  • Give your weapons unique engravings and wraps.
  • Buy horses, saddles, equipment, and ability cards.
  • Costs vary from 1-10+ gold bars per cosmetic item.

With so many roles, activities, and customizations to spend it on, your gold will quickly get put to good use in the frontier!

Is Buying Gold Bars Worth It?

You can optionally bypass the gold grind and simply purchase gold bars with real money through microtransactions. Here are the current gold bar bundle prices:

  • 25 Gold Bars – $9.99
  • 55 Gold Bars – $19.99
  • 150 Gold Bars – $49.99
  • 245 Gold Bars – $74.99
  • 350 Gold Bars – $99.99

Smaller amounts like 25 or 55 bars can be decent deals when they are discounted. Larger bundles over 100+ gold bars cost quite substantial stacks of real cash.

Ultimately it comes down to your available free time vs available funds. If you don‘t have much time to play and earn gold, buying some here and there isn‘t the end of the world. But try to avoid spending beyond your means.

Personally I‘m happy to grind gold from missions and challenges in the background while enjoying the gameplay. The satisfaction of unlocking things legitimately outweighs skipping the process by swiping the credit card.

But the choice is yours on how to acquire your digital frontier funds! Either way, enjoy spending your gold bars on roles, cosmetics, and anything else that catches your eye.

Beware of Gold Bar Scams and Exploits!

With gold being so valuable in Red Dead Online, there are inevitably shady websites, videos, and forums promoting get-rich-quick scams and supposed glitch exploits. These include:

  • Fake patch notes promising free gold bars for logging in
  • Modded clients, trainers, or cheat engine hacks
  • Video tutorials on duplicating gold bars
  • Redeeming fraudulent gold bar codes
  • Accounts and services selling "unlimited" gold

I strongly advise avoiding these illicit offers at all costs. They either straight up steal your personal information and account credentials, or use cheats/hacks likely to trigger an account ban.

Stick to legitimate gameplay mechanics for earning gold bars, and be extremely wary of anything that seems too good to be true. Moderation tools and detection methods in Red Dead Online are very effective at punishing cheaters.

Two-Step Verification is Strongly Recommended for All Players

I strongly recommend all Red Dead Online players enable two-step verification given the major security benefits:

  • Drastically reduces the risk of your account being compromised.
  • Protects all of your progress and unlocks from being stolen.
  • Provides 10 free gold bars to spend in-game on roles and customization.
  • Only takes minutes to set up and is worth it purely for the safety aspect.

So in summary: Yes, you do still get 10 gold bars for enabling 2SV on your Rockstar Social Club account in 2023. Follow this guide to easily activate two-step verification and claim your bonus gold today!