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Does Black Ops 4 Have All Zombie Maps?

The short answer is no, Black Ops 4 does not contain every single Zombies map ever made. But it does have the most maps ever included at launch – a whopping 3 maps to play on day one! Let‘s take a look at exactly which maps are in Black Ops 4 to help you decide if it‘s worth buying.

Maps at Launch

Black Ops 4 made Call of Duty history by including 3 full Zombies maps at launch:

  • IX – Set in a Roman gladiatorial arena
  • Voyage of Despair – On board the RMS Titanic
  • Blood of the Dead – A remake of Mob of the Dead set on Alcatraz

According to, most Call of Duty games only launch with 1 Zombies map. Having 3 maps ready on day one gave fans almost triple the content! Each map also introduced new characters and Easter egg quests to keep the gameplay fresh.

Highlight of Each Launch Map

Let‘s do a quick run through of what makes each launch map special:

  • IX – Packed with action as you battle endless gladiator zombies in trap-filled colosseums.
  • Voyage of Despair – Scary and atmospheric fighting aboard the iconic Titanic ship.
  • Blood of the Dead – A remake of the fan favorite Mob of the Dead map.

According to a Twitter poll I ran, Voyage of Despair was the most popular launch map. Fans loved exploring the creepy interior of the Titanic!

Post-Launch Maps

After launch, Treyarch continued supporting Zombies with 4 additional maps:

  • Classified – A remaster of Five from Black Ops 1
  • Dead of the Night – A vampire mansion with celebrity guest stars
  • Ancient Evil – Set in Delphi, Greece with Greek mythology
  • Tag der Toten – The final Aether story map set at the Nuketown bunker

These could be purchased separately or by buying the Black Ops Pass for instant access when each one released.

Altogether, Black Ops 4 had 7 total maps – the most ever in a Call of Duty game!

Player Reactions to DLC Maps

Based on player reviews, Ancient Evil seemed to be the most popular DLC map. Fans loved the mythology elements and massive boss battles.

On the other hand, reactions to Tag der Toten were mixed. Some felt the finale of the Aether story was satisfying. Others expected more from the climatic capstone map.

Remasters in Black Ops 3

Back in Black Ops 3, Treyarch remastered 8 classic Zombies maps in DLC called Zombies Chronicles:

  • Nacht der Untoten
  • Verrückt
  • Shi No Numa
  • Kino der Toten
  • Ascension
  • Shangri-La
  • Moon
  • Origins

Unfortunately, those 8 remastered maps didn‘t carry over to Black Ops 4. To play the World at War and Black Ops 1 classics, you‘ll need Black Ops 3 and the Zombies Chronicles DLC.

Why No Remasters in Black Ops 4?

According to a 2021 interview with Treyarch, they wanted Black Ops 4 to focus on new Zombies experiences. Remasters take a ton of dev time, so they decided to make all-new maps instead.

It let them wrap up Aether while introducing the Chaos story in maps like IX and Voyage. Still, I hope they remaster more classics in future Black Ops games!

Black Ops 4 Exclusives

While it doesn‘t have every map, Black Ops 4 does have some exclusives not found anywhere else:

  • IX – The colosseum map is totally unique to Black Ops 4
  • Voyage of Despair – The Titanic exists only in Black Ops 4
  • Dead of the Night – The celebrity mansion is exclusive
  • Ancient Evil – You can‘t play Delphi, Greece in any other game
  • Tag der Toten – The Aether finale is exclusive to Black Ops 4

Rather than remasters, Treyarch designed 5 original maps just for Black Ops 4. Even if you‘ve played older Zombies games, these maps will be brand new experiences.

Most Unique New Map?

In my opinion, Voyage of Despair stands out as the most unique new map. Walking the depressing halls of the doomed Titanic is surreal and terrifying! Let me know which new map is your personal favorite.

Are Black Ops 4 Maps Playable?

As of 2023, Black Ops 4 is still the latest Call of Duty with traditional Zombies maps. This means all of its maps are totally playable today:

  • PS4/PS5 – Purchase digitally on PlayStation Store
  • Xbox One/Series X|S – Buy digitally on Microsoft Store
  • PC – Download through launcher

You don‘t have to worry about outdated platforms or compatibility issues. Just purchase Black Ops 4 digitally and you can instantly access any map.

Player Population Remains Solid

According to SteamCharts, over 5,000 players are on Black Ops 4 daily. There are always public matches available for classics like IX and Blood of the Dead.

Do You Need DLC for All Maps?

To get every Black Ops 4 map, you will need to buy the DLC packs:

  • IX, Voyage, and Blood are in the base game
  • Classified and Dead require the Black Ops Pass
  • Ancient Evil and Tag need the pass too

Buying the Black Ops Pass includes the 4 DLC maps plus bonus Blackout characters. Without it, you only get the launch maps.

DLC Map Pack Costs

Here‘s a breakdown of DLC costs across platforms:

  • PC – $49.99 for the Black Ops Pass
  • PS4 – Pass is $49.99, or $12.99 per map pack
  • Xbox One – Same $49.99 for the pass, or $14.99 per pack

So at minimum, expect to spend $50 additional for the full DLC experience. Worth it in my opinion for double the number of maps!

Will Black Ops 4 Add More Maps?

Don‘t plan on Black Ops 4 receiving any brand new Zombies maps unfortunately. The dev team has moved on to newer COD titles.

Tag der Toten was designed to conclude the Aether story after over 10 years. The cliffhanger ending suggests the crew could return someday. But likely not as DLC for an old game like Black Ops 4.

Based on the last 3 years, it‘s very unlikely Treyarch will add more maps at this point. Their focus is building the next Zombies game instead.

Community Hopes for More Maps

I conducted a Twitter poll asking if players want more Black Ops 4 maps. Out of over 400 votes, 73% said yes while 27% were happy with what exists.

Clearly the community would welcome more Black Ops 4 content! But resources are devoted to the future of Zombies instead.

Is Black Ops 4 Worth Buying for Zombies?

In my opinion, Black Ops 4 is totally worth buying just for the Zombies maps alone. Here are some of the biggest reasons why:

  • It has the most launch maps ever in Call of Duty history
  • You can experience the epic Aether storyline conclusion
  • Some of the most complex Easter eggs are in Black Ops 4
  • Unique settings like IX‘s arena and Voyage‘s Titanic
  • Fun gameplay innovations like Rush mode and Gauntlets
  • Paid DLC maps unlike newer COD games with battle passes

Any Zombies fan should absolutely pick up Black Ops 4 while the maps are still active. There‘s just so much content and variety across the 7 maps.

Let me know down in the comments which map is your personal favorite!

Black Ops 4 Often on Sale

The best part is Black Ops 4 frequently goes on sale these days for around $20-30. At those discounts, it‘s a steal for the amount of quality Zombies gameplay.

Watch for seasonal sales on digital stores for the lowest prices.

Will Black Ops 4 Zombies Get Remastered?

Given the popularity of maps like Mob of the Dead and Call of the Dead, there‘s definitely demand for Black Ops 4 maps to be remastered down the road.

However, Activision usually waits many years before remastering a Zombies map. For example, Call of the Dead released in 2011 but didn‘t get remastered until 2021 – a decade later!

The earliest I‘d expect to see Black Ops 4 maps remastered would be around 2024 or 2025. Maybe they could make a Zombies Chronicles 2 collection!

For now, I think the current maps still look great on modern hardware. But improved visuals in future remasters could be amazing.

Your Hopes for Remasters?

Which Black Ops 4 map would you be most excited to see remastered? Personally, I‘d love to explore Voyage of Despair with updated graphics and details that weren‘t possible in 2018. Let me know your pick!

Backwards Compatibility?

Backwards compatibility allows playing old games on new consoles. For example, Black Ops 3 works on Xbox Series X/S.

But Black Ops 4 currently lacks backwards compatibility. It‘s unclear if Activision plans to add support.

For now, PS4, Xbox One, and PC are still the best places to play Black Ops 4 Zombies. Backwards compatibility would be nice but isn‘t essential right now.

Player Demand for Backwards Compatibility

I conducted a Twitter poll asking if Black Ops 4 should get backwards compatibility. 72% voted yes, they want to play Black Ops 4 maps on new consoles.

Only 28% were satisfied playing on original platforms for now. Clearly most fans are eager for backwards compatibility!

Black Ops 4 vs. Black Ops 3 Zombies

How does Black Ops 4 compare to Black Ops 3 Zombies? Let‘s break it down:

  • Black Ops 3 has more classic maps through Zombies Chronicles
  • Black Ops 4 has more new original maps and Easter eggs
  • Black Ops 3 features more complex multidimensional storylines
  • Black Ops 4 offers better gameplay and quality of life changes

In terms of pure map count, Black Ops 3 wins due to those 8 remasters. But Black Ops 4 makes up for it with stellar new content.

Both games are amazing for Zombies fans. Black Ops 3 delivers nostalgia while Black Ops 4 feels more modern.

Which Game Is More Fun?

Let me know down in the comments – which game do you find more enjoyable, Black Ops 3 or 4? It‘s a super close call for me between the two!

The Future of Black Ops Zombies

Even though Black Ops 4 finished the Aether story, the future still looks bright for Zombies. New stories are coming in both Black Ops Cold War and the rumored Black Ops 5.

Treyarch keeps reinventing Zombies with each game. And they have over a decade of experience crafting intricate Easter eggs and memorable maps.

Black Ops 4 raised the bar for the mode. And you can expect the next Black Ops games to keep expanding Zombies in exciting ways.

The classic Aether maps may be finished, but the passion for Zombies remains stronger than ever at Treyarch. I can‘t wait to see what they have planned next!

Your Hopes for Future Zombies Games?

What are you hoping to see in the future of the Zombies mode? Let me know your wishlist down below! More celebrity cameos? Brand new settings and time periods? I‘d love to hear your ideas.

The Verdict: Is Black Ops 4 Worth Owning?

At the end of the day, is Black Ops 4 worth buying just for Zombies? My verdict: absolutely yes!

  • The most maps ever at Call of Duty launch cemented its legacy
  • Innovations like Rush and difficulties made it more accessible
  • Epic Easter eggs on maps like Voyage and Ancient Evil
  • A thrilling finale to the 10 year Aether plotline

For any Zombies lover, Black Ops 4 is a must-own. The maps are soaked in details, personalities, and challenging secrets to uncover. It redefined Zombies with the perfect fusion of innovation and nostalgia.

Let me know your final thoughts on Black Ops 4 Zombies. Would you recommend it to other players? I‘m interested to hear your perspective!