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Does Cancelling Nitro Remove It? The Ultimate Guide to Discord Nitro Cancellation

Yes, cancelling your Nitro subscription will eventually remove all of the membership benefits. However, you‘ll retain access to Nitro perks until the end of your current billing period.

When you cancel Nitro, Discord will immediately stop billing you for subsequent periods. But you can continue enjoying expanded features like animated avatars, server boosts, and increased file limits until your current term expires.

Once your billing date passes, Nitro will lapse and all benefits will be removed. Let‘s take a comprehensive look at what happens when you cancel Discord Nitro.

Over 250 Million Discord Users and Counting

Before diving into Nitro cancellation, let‘s look at some Discord growth stats for context:

  • Over 250 million registered Discord users as of March 2022
  • 140 million monthly active users
  • 5.5 million new users created each week
  • 1.7 billion total server channels

Discord has exploded in popularity, especially among gamers. But it‘s expanded far beyond gaming to communities of all kinds.

With so many active users, Discord Nitro subscriptions are more popular than ever. So what happens when you decide to cancel?

You‘ll Keep Nitro Until Your Billing Cycle Lapses

The key thing to know is that cancelling Discord Nitro does not immediately revoke access to features. You‘ll retain all Nitro benefits until your current subscription term finishes.

For example, if you cancel Nitro midway through an annual plan, you‘ll continue enjoying perks for the remainder of the year you already paid for. Once that year is up, Nitro will lapse.

This grace period applies whether you have a monthly or yearly subscription. Discord merely stops billing you for subsequent periods when you cancel.

Exact Timing Depends on Billing Date

The specific day your Nitro perks are removed will depend on your billing renewal date.

If your Nitro renews on the 5th of each month, cancelling on the 15th means you‘ll retain access until the 5th of the following month.

Discord does not immediately revoke benefits when you cancel. You simply lose access eventually when the present billing period expires.

Server Boosts Will Expire

One popular Nitro perk is the ability to boost Discord servers. With an active Nitro subscription, you can boost two of your favorite communities.

This unlocks perks for the entire server like:

  • Higher audio quality
  • Additional emoji slots
  • Faster chat rate limits
  • Custom server banner
  • Vanity invite URL

However, Discord notes that cancelling Nitro means server boosts you‘ve purchased will remain active only until their normal renewal date.

For example, if you boost a server for 3 months, that boost will lapse after 3 months even if you cancel Nitro after just one month. Boosts aren‘t permanently applied.

Nitro Active? Boost Status
Yes Active until normal renewal date
No Expires on scheduled renewal date

Without an active Nitro membership, your server boosts will expire on schedule and not be renewed.

Lose Discount on New Boosts

You also lose the 30% Nitro subscriber discount on new boost purchases when you cancel Nitro.

So if you boost additional servers down the road, you‘ll pay full price instead of the reduced member rate.

Profile Badge and Animated Avatar Removed

Two of the most conspicuous indicators of an active Nitro status are:

  1. Your Nitro profile badge
  2. Animated avatar ability

Once your Nitro subscription lapses, Discord will immediately remove the Nitro badge from your profile. People will no longer see it under your username.

Additionally, your avatar will revert from an animated gif to a static image. Any custom gif avatar you had set will change to the first frame of that gif as a standard png-style avatar.

So those are two clear visual signals that your Nitro perks have ended after cancellation.

Vanity URL Also Reverted

If you had used Nitro to create a customized vanity URL for your Discord server, that will also revert back to a standard invite link when your subscription ends.

So losing the vanity URL is another sign Nitro is inactive.

Nitro Trials Convert to Paid Plans

Discord sometimes offers new users 1-3 months of free Nitro trial access. This lets you preview features before paying.

However, once the free trial ends, Nitro will automatically convert to a paid monthly subscription by default. Discord will begin charging your payment method on file $9.99 per month.

You can cancel before the free period ends to avoid being billed. But if you miss the deadline, you‘ll be charged monthly until you manually cancel the paid subscription.

Track Nitro Status in User Settings

You can quickly view your Nitro membership status anytime by:

  1. Clicking the gear icon
  2. Going to User Settings
  3. Selecting "Nitro" tab

This shows your subscription details, billing date, and has the cancellation button if you want to end your membership.

Discord Nitro Usage and Cancellation Statistics

Exactly how many Discord users subscribe to Nitro? And how often do they cancel? Here are some statistics:

  • Over 15 million Nitro subscriptions as of May 2022
  • Nitro subscriber numbers growing 20% year-over-year
  • 1 in 16 Discord users are Nitro subscribers
  • Monthly Nitro churn rate around 5%
  • Yearly subscribers 15% less likely to cancel than monthly subscribers

So while Nitro is popular, over 80% of users stick with free Discord. Of subscribers, the vast majority remain active long-term members.

Cancellation rates are relatively low, especially for users who pay yearly. Monthly subscribers cancel slightly more often.

Is Discord Nitro "Worth It"?

Whether Nitro is "worth" $10 per month comes down to your personal usage. For hardcore Discord fans who are extremely active in communities, Nitro likely provides good value.

But more casual users may be fine with free Discord. Evaluate your own needs and preferences.

Do you regularly use custom emoji? Do you actively boost multiple servers? Do you upload lots of large files? If so, Nitro is likely worthwhile. Otherwise, the free version may suffice.

The Nitro Payment Grace Period

If your Nitro payment fails for any reason, such as expired card, Discord provides a 3-day grace window to update your payment details.

During this period, you‘ll temporarily lose your Nitro profile badge, but retain full access to other benefits like boosted servers, gif avatars, etc.

If your payment issue isn‘t resolved within 3 days, your Nitro subscription will be fully cancelled and all perks removed.

So you have a short grace period to fix payment problems before losing Nitro access. Keep billing details up to date to avoid any disruption.

How to Avoid Lapsed Payments

To prevent payment failures that could briefly suspend your Nitro benefits:

  • Save a valid payment method like credit card or PayPal in Discord
  • Use an account alert to remind you when your billing date approaches
  • Manually update card details whenever your current one expires
  • Sign up for overdraft protection if using a debit card

Taking a few quick proactive steps will ensure you have smooth, uninterrupted Nitro access going forward.

Canceling Discord Nitro – Final Steps

If you ultimately decide Discord Nitro isn‘t providing enough value to warrant the cost for you personally, cancelling is straightforward:

  1. Open Discord settings
  2. Click "Nitro"
  3. Select "Cancel Subscription"
  4. Confirm cancellation

And that‘s all it takes! Your Nitro benefits will remain active until your current billing period expires. Once that term ends, perks like animated avatars and server boosts will be removed.

Discord will immediately stop billing you, but you can continue enjoying an uninterrupted subscription until your current cycle lapses. No prorated refunds are provided.

Consider Downgrading vs. Full Cancellation

Rather than fully cancelling Nitro, you also have the option to downgrade from Nitro to Nitro Classic.

Nitro Classic provides some benefits like animated avatars and expanded emoji limit for a lower $4.99 per month. So that‘s one alternative if you still want some perks.

Downgrading works the same as cancelling – you keep full Nitro access until your billing date, then drop down to Classic features afterwards.

The Bottom Line

Cancelling Discord Nitro stops your ongoing billing, but allows use of expanded features until the end of the current billing period when benefits are removed.

You retain full access to server boosts, avatars, higher limits, and other perks during the membership term you‘ve already paid for. Once that term expires after cancellation, Nitro benefits lapse.

Carefully consider which benefits you find most valuable before cancelling. And you always have the option to downgrade to Nitro Classic for a lower monthly cost instead.

I hope this detailed guide clearly explains the cancellation process and what happens when you end your Discord Nitro membership! Let me know if you have any other Nitro-related questions.