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Does Captain Price Die in Call of Duty MW3 2023?

Activision has officially revealed that 2023's Call of Duty will be titled Modern Warfare 3. The release of a new gameplay reveal trailer has captured everyone's attention, with speculation focused on the story and the fate of the characters. One question on many fans' minds is whether Captain Price will die in Call of Duty MW3 2023.

Based on the gameplay reveal trailer, it seems unlikely that Captain Price will die in this installment. There is a moment in the trailer where he drops to the ground after being held by Soap, but this may be a deliberate attempt to subvert expectations.

In the original Modern Warfare trilogy, many characters met their demise, but Price managed to survive. With all of Task Force 141 still alive in the current storyline, there is a possibility that Price's death is being teased to misdirect audiences.

It is unclear which character will die in the campaign, as the trailer does not provide definitive answers. The game may choose to follow the original story and kill off characters like Ghost and Soap, or it could take a surprising twist and keep everyone alive.

Players who pre-order Call of Duty MW3 now will have early access to the campaign, allowing them to experience the game before its official launch.

As of now, this is all the information available regarding Captain Price's fate in Call of Duty MW3. Fans of the series who are eager to play the multiplayer should stay updated on the Call of Duty MW3 beta dates to ensure early access.