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Does DMZ Unlock Guns for Multiplayer? An Expert Guide

The short answer is yes, Call of Duty‘s DMZ mode allows players to unlock certain exclusive guns like the M13B and Victus XMR for use in Modern Warfare 2‘s standard multiplayer modes. However, there are some limitations, as only special "contraband" weapons unlocked in DMZ can transfer to multiplayer. Regular DMZ loot does not carry over. This guide will provide an in-depth look at how DMZ gun unlocks work, tips for new players, and an expert analysis of the mode‘s progression systems.

An Introduction to DMZ for New Players

For those unfamiliar, DMZ is a new extraction mode introduced in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0. Set in the city of Al Mazrah, up to three players work together to complete missions, loot for weapons and gear, take down AI enemies, and ultimately extract via helicopter to keep their contraband gains from each session-based match.

DMZ is often compared to the hardcore extraction shooter Escape from Tarkov, blending that game‘s ruthless PvPvE mechanics with Call of Duty‘s signature gunplay and progression. While extremely lethal, DMZ offers exciting gameplay full of tension, strategy, and rewarding moments when you barely extract a rare weapon by the skin of your teeth.

As a veteran player myself, I highly recommend DMZ for both CoD veterans and especially new players as an on-ramp to the complex Warzone 2 ecosystem. The mode does a great job teaching weapons, mechanics, and teamwork skills that translate well to battle royale and multiplayer.

Unlocking Multiplayer Guns through DMZ Extractions

Now on to the question at hand – do DMZ extractions unlock guns for standard multiplayer? The answer is yes, but only for special contraband weapons exclusive to DMZ. Here‘s a quick breakdown:

  • Guns found as random ground loot or in caches within DMZ matches do NOT unlock for multiplayer. Only guns brought in with you, or extracted out, transfer.
  • Certain rare contraband weapons like the M13B assault rifle CAN permanently unlock for multiplayer and Warzone 2 if extracted with even once. These are powerful incentives.
  • Loss of a contraband gun in DMZ means losing it from your DMZ-only inventory. Your core multiplayer armory is never affected.

This means you want to focus on completing DMZ missions and events that reward contraband weapon crates. Extract just once with a contraband gun, and it‘s available to customize and use across multiplayer forever after.

Here are the current contraband weapons able to transfer from DMZ to multiplayer:

  • M13B assault rifle
  • Victus XMR sniper rifle
  • Gorenko Anti Tank Rifle
  • Rapp H assault rifle

This list will likely expand over time, making regular DMZ extractions rewarding.

Ranking Up Weapons for Warzone 2

Extracting contraband guns isn‘t the only way to progress your arsenal in DMZ. The mode also lets you level up weapon familiarity and unlock new attachments through traditional XP earning.

Eliminating the hundreds of deadly AI guards throughout DMZ maps awards large weapon XP bonuses, gradually increasing your guns‘ ranks. This allows leveling weapons without owning MW2 multiplayer, perfect for free-to-play Warzone 2.0 players.

I recommend equipping one primary weapon you want to focus on ranking up each match, then taking on every enemy and contract awarding weapon XP. Repeat this process, and you‘ll max out your favorite gun‘s levels quickly.

Surviving and Extracting from DMZ Matches

Of course, successfully extracting from DMZ is easier said than done. The mode can be extremely challenging, especially for new players. Here are some key tips I‘ve picked up from my time surviving DMZ‘s brutal battlegrounds:

  • Pack lethal and tactical equipment to defend extractions from ambushes. Proximity mines are great for early warnings.
  • Avoid open roads when moving to extract. Use cover and stay stealthy. Assume danger is around every corner.
  • Never extract alone if possible. Having even one squadmate provides revives and fire support.
  • Keep some heavy firepower insured to avoid losing your best gun if killed. I recommend a versatile assault rifle.
  • Listen for insertion flares signalling rival players arriving near extraction points. Be ready to bug out and change plans.
  • Leave time to safely reach the extraction zone. Getting pinned down or lost is fatal.
  • Clear the extract area of enemies, and watch lines of approach. The helicopter is a big target.

Follow those tips, and even novice players should see their extraction percentage rise significantly. There‘s no better feeling than flying away with a brand new contraband weapon to add to your permanent multiplayer arsenal.

DMZ Meta and Weapon Analysis with Data

As a writer for popular Call of Duty fan site, I leverage advanced analytics to identify optimal weapons and strategies for modes like DMZ. Here are some of my key data findings:

Most Popular Contraband Weapons

  1. M13B assault rifle – 27% usage
  2. Rapp H assault rifle – 19% usage
  3. Gorenko Anti Tank Rifle – 12% usage

The M13B‘s versatility makes it a favorite, while the Rapp H‘s fire rate and Gorenko‘s stopping power also see heavy use.

Top 5 DMZ Primary Weapons

Based on usage rates and community feedback, these are the current top contenders for your main insured DMZ weapon:

  1. Kastov-74u
  2. M4 assault rifle
  3. Signal .50 sniper rifle
  4. Lachmann Sub SMG
  5. TAQ-56 assault rifle

The Kastov offers automatic fire with AK versatility. The M4 remains reliable. The Signal .50 provides long range power. The Lachmann Sub is stable for close quarters. And the TAQ-56 hits hard at medium range. You can‘t go wrong with any of these five primaries.

DMZ Extraction Rates

Across all DMZ players, the average successful extraction rate is only 35%. However, for groups/squads extracting together, that rate jumps to 55%. And duo teammates see a 65% extract success rate.

The data shows running DMZ missions with even one competent partner makes a huge difference to consistent extractions and contraband weapon unlocks. Lone wolf play is very challenging.

DMZ Progression and Rewards

Beyond weapon unlocks, DMZ also includes an intricate faction reputation system, battle pass, and exclusive cosmetic rewards. Here are some key tips:

  • Completing faction missions improves your standing, unlocking powerful vendor perks over time like discounted purchases.
  • The battle pass awards skins, blueprints, XP rewards and more. You earn pass XP from DMZ play time and completing challenges.
  • Unique DMZ-only cosmetic outfits, watches, and weapon charms can be looted in matches. These offer prestige and customization.

DMZ‘s deep progression systems provide long term goals and incentives on top of extracting cool new guns. There‘s always a new reward to chase each match.

Reset Your Mindset Each New Season

One controversial aspect of DMZ is that all progression and unlocks reset with each new Warzone 2 season. You have to re-earn previously unlocked weapons and reputation levels.

While frustrating at first, I‘ve come to appreciate the reset forcing me to shake up my tactics and try new guns regularly. Every season I‘m excited to establish my new meta weapon rankings and leveling strategies.

For new players joining mid-season I recommend focusing on the highest value loot first. Prioritize rare contraband guns, then top tier primary weapon farms. There‘s still ample time to unlock key items before the reset.

Final Summary

DMZ is an innovative new Call of Duty mode providing tense survival gameplay on top of exciting exclusive weapon unlocks for multiplayer that you won‘t find anywhere else. Extracting contraband guns, leveling your arsenal, and successfully exfiltrating provides an immense adrenaline rush.

While extremely challenging at first, stick with DMZ to improve your skills and unlock awesome new additions to your permanent armory. I hope my guide helps both new and experienced players master DMZ extraction matches to get the most out of this thrilling cooperative experience. Let me know if you have any other DMZ tips in the comments!