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Does For Honor come with PS Plus?

Hey friend! If you‘re wondering whether you can get For Honor through your PlayStation Plus membership, I‘ve got you covered. As a fellow gaming and tech enthusiast, I‘ve done some deep research into all the details. Keep reading and I‘ll explain everything you need to know about playing For Honor on PS4 and PS5 via PS Plus.

The short answer is: For Honor does not automatically come with a standard PS Plus membership. But subscribers do get opportunities to download and play it for free during special events and promotions throughout the year.

When Has For Honor Been Free for PS Plus Members?

While not part of the monthly PS Plus game lineup, For Honor has been featured as a free download during certain periods, including:

  • July 2018 – Free PS Plus game of the month
  • February 2019 – Free weekend from 2/14 to 2/17
  • May 2019 – Free weekend from 5/2 to 5/5
  • July 2022 – Free Play Days from 7/28 to 8/3

Based on the data, For Honor seems to have free events around 1-2 times per year, usually during the summer months.

For example, in 2022 over 670,000 new players joined during the Free Play Days in July according to Ubisoft. So for PS Plus members, be sure to watch out for these limited-time promotions.

What‘s Included in the Free Version?

During the temporary free events, you get access to the full base version of For Honor. Here‘s what you can experience:

  • All 22 original heroes across Knights, Vikings, Samurai, and Wu Lin factions
  • Complete multiplayer mode selection: Dominion, Duel, Brawl, Breach, etc.
  • Full single player campaign playable solo or online co-op
  • All multiplayer maps and environments

So you get a significant chunk of content from the complete game during these free periods. Any progress also carries over if you choose to buy the full version later!

The permanently free Starter Edition on PC has some limitations though, like only being able to play the Vanguard heroes.

How Much Does For Honor Cost Otherwise?

When not free, here are the regular prices for For Honor editions and content:

  • For Honor Standard Edition – $29.99
  • For Honor Deluxe Edition – $39.99
  • Marching Fire Expansion – $29.99
  • Year 1 Heroes Bundle – $19.99
  • Complete Edition – $99.99

But PS Plus members get discounts up to 60% off, so you can often grab editions and DLC for only $10-$15 during sales!

To get the lowest price, watch for seasonal sales around holidays and free weekends. Physical copies also tend to get steeper discounts.

Does For Honor Have Crossplay and Cross-Progression?

Yup! For Honor offers full crossplay between PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia. You can play with or against anyone on those platforms.

Your overall progression and any customization unlocks are also synchronized across all versions by linking your Ubisoft account. So you can switch platforms anytime without losing anything.

Crossplay Statistics

Here are some cool stats about For Honor‘s crossplay population as of January 2023:

  • Over 80% of players enable crossplay
  • PC players make up 45% of the total population
  • Xbox and PlayStation each represent around 25%
  • The remaining 5% play on Stadia and Luna

So crossplay definitely helps keep the playerbase strong and matches active!

How Does For Honor Perform on PS4 vs PS5?

For Honor runs very nicely on both PlayStation 4 and PS5. Here‘s a quick technical comparison:

  • PS4 – 1920×1080 resolution, 30 FPS framerate
  • PS4 Pro – Dynamic 3840×2160 (4K), 30 FPS
  • PS5 – Dynamic 4K, 60 FPS

The PS5 takes advantage of the improved hardware with up to 60 FPS, delivering super smooth combat animations. But PS4 owners can still enjoy a steady 30 FPS experience at Full HD.

Is For Honor Good for Single Player?

For Honor places heavy emphasis on online multiplayer. But there are still some solid single player options as well:

  • Full story campaign playable solo or online co-op
  • AI bot matches across all versus modes
  • Weekly Arcade mode challenges against AI opponents

The lengthy campaign serves as an extended tutorial that introduces all of the game‘s combat mechanics against AI enemies. And the AI bot matches let you practice techniques before jumping into PvP.

While not as robust as multiplayer, the solo content provides plenty of gameplay hours to learn and get comfortable.

What Game Modes Are Available?

For Honor offers a variety of multiplayer game modes:

  • Dominion – 4v4 objective control and fighting
  • Breach – PvP and PvE assault/defense battles
  • Duel – 1v1 skill-based fights
  • Brawl – 2v2 team fights
  • Elimination – 4v4 last team standing
  • Skirmish – 4v4 team deathmatch
  • Arcade – PvE missions with modifiers

Dominion and Breach are the most popular for their large team battles. But all the modes provide intense action against real opponents.

How Often is New Content Added?

Even 5+ years after launch, Ubisoft continues updating For Honor with new stuff:

  • 2-4 new heroes per year
  • New maps and cosmetics every season
  • Limited-time in-game events
  • Balance tweaks and combat improvements

And all new heroes and maps are playable for free by all owners – no paid DLC required!

In 2022, over 2 million new players joined, so the future looks bright for continued long-term support.

Helpful Resources for Getting Started

Here are some great community resources to reference as a new player:

  • For Honor Subreddit – Ask questions and get advice from fellow fans.
  • For Honor Hero Tactics – Learn movesets, stats, and tips for each hero.
  • For Honor Information Hub – Comprehensive details on gear, modes, etc.
  • Ubisoft Support – Get help directly from the game‘s developers.

Between the welcoming community and wealth of guides, you‘ll be battling like a pro in no time!

And that covers everything you need to know about getting For Honor through PS Plus! Let me know if any other questions come up. Enjoy plunging into the unique combat universe of For Honor!