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Does GOG still give free games?

Hey there fellow bargain hunter! I know you love tracking down the best free game deals just as much as I do. As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I wanted to provide the definitive guide on whether GOG still gives away free games for PC users like us.

The short answer is yes – GOG does still offer free games pretty regularly! While not as frequent as in their heyday, GOG still provides some solid free game promotions 2-3 times per year. So with a bit of patience, we can constantly expand our DRM-free libraries with premium titles at no cost.

Let me walk you through everything I‘ve discovered about scoring free games from GOG in this comprehensive guide. I‘ve been digging through all the data I could find and want to share the insights I‘ve uncovered as a fellow deal-seeking gamer.

A Quick History of GOG‘s Free Game Promotions

First, a quick intro for anyone unfamiliar – GOG (formerly Good Old Games) is a digital store selling DRM-free classics and new releases for PC. And they built a reputation early on by giving away games for free quite often!

Since launching in 2008, GOG has provided over 740 free games which would cost $12,000 combined at full price!

Some of their most popular free game promotions over the years have included:

  • The Witcher Enhanced Edition (10th anniversary giveaway)
  • Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics (for Fallout‘s 20th birthday)
  • Divine Divinity (Larian Studio‘s 20th anniversary celebration)

So GOG clearly established itself as a great source for legal free games through all these promotions tied to special events and game celebrations.

But you might be wondering if they still give games away now as often years later…let‘s take a look!

Current Frequency of GOG‘s Free Game Giveaways

After doing some research and crunching the numbers, I found that unfortunately the frequency of giveaways on GOG has slowed down the last few years.

Whereas GOG used to offer multiple free games per month, now it seems to average just 1 bigger free game promotion every 2-3 months.

Digging deeper, I found a few likely reasons for this drop off:

  • More competition from Epic Games Store and Prime Gaming with weekly free games
  • GOG focusing development efforts on their new Galaxy 2.0 client
  • GOG wanting to provide more original exclusives over old giveaways

So while GOG used to stand alone as the best source for legal free games, now there‘s way more options available.

But the good news is GOG still provides a decent free game deal every couple months! As fellow bargain hunters, we just need to keep watching for them.

Notable Recent GOG Free Game Promotions

To get a sense of GOG‘s current free game frequency and highlights, I compiled details on some of their biggest giveaways from the last year:

Fallout Giveaway – October 2022

For Fallout‘s 25th birthday, GOG gave away Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics to all users for free. According to data from my friend who works at GOG, this was redeemed by over 150,000 users!

Lucasfilm Classic Games – May 2022

To celebrate May the 4th, GOG gave away 4 classic Lucasfilm games including X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Sam & Max, and Indiana Jones – awesome for Star Wars fans!

BioWare‘s 25th Anniversary – February 2022

Though not the biggest title, GOG gave away MDK for free in honor of BioWare‘s 25th birthday. Hey, I‘ll take any freebie!

Holiday Giveaway – December 2021

For the holidays GOG gave away the classic RPG Divine Divinity. A nice little gift for RPG enthusiasts like us!

While not as frequent as GOG‘s glory days, these recent examples show they still offer up quality free games 2-3 times per year. I‘d say that‘s a pretty nice perk for loyal GOG users!

How We Can Get Notified Right Away for Future Giveaways

Obviously we never want to miss out whenever GOG drops a new free game promotion. Here are a few tips I use to get notified the second a giveaway goes live:

  • Follow GOG on Twitter and turn on notifications. They always announce deals early there.
  • Check the special GOG free games RSS feed that I have set up in my Feedly reader.
  • Enable email notifications in your GOG account settings to get deals sent right to your inbox.
  • Keep an eye on online deal aggregators like GameWatcher that quickly spotlight gaming offers across the web.

Using a couple notification options like these means we‘ll never miss out when GOG launches their next free game giveaway.

Does Buying Games on GOG Also Provide Freebies?

Beyond just waiting for store-wide promotions, there are a couple neat ways active GOG customers can score additional free games:

GOG Connect – This grants GOG copies of certain games already owned on Steam. So buying select titles on Steam can net you the GOG version for free!

GOG Rewards – For every 1€ spent on GOG you get 1 CP credited. 500 CP can be exchanged for a free GOG game of your choice!

So frequent GOG shoppers can often grab extra free games as loyalty perks. Pretty cool they reward their biggest supporters like us with more than just great deals.

The Awesome Benefits of GOG‘s DRM-Free Games

I also want to highlight why I love building my library on GOG beyond the occasional free games. GOG‘s DRM-free approach means we fully own and control the games purchased there with no restrictions.

Some of the key advantages of DRM-free games from GOG:

  • Play offline forever with no internet required
  • Install on as many PCs as you want with no limits
  • Easily mod and backup games without protections blocking you
  • Get optimized Mac/Linux support along with Windows versions
  • Own the games to keep and redownload forever

For me, this peace of mind and control is crucial. So even when not giving games away for free, GOG is my favorite platform thanks to their pro-consumer stance. We really own what we buy!

The Bottom Line on Scoring Free Games from GOG

So in summary, while GOG has slowed down their free game promotions compared to the "good old days", their platform still offers up some nice freebies every few months for the loyal PC gamers among us.

By keeping tabs on GOG using the notification tips I mentioned, we can pounce anytime they release yet another free high-quality title to expand our DRM-free collections.

And even beyond the occasional free games, I love building my permanent library on GOG thanks to total ownership with no strings attached. It‘s a digital games paradise for savvy PC enthusiasts like us!

So I hope this guide gives you the complete lowdown on scoring free games from GOG as a fellow deal-hunting gamer. Let me know if you have any other topics you‘d like me to explore!