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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Minecraft for Free Legally

The short answer is no – you can create a second Minecraft account for free as long as you have a new email address to link it to. Read on for an in-depth guide to obtaining additional accounts ethically and safely.

Getting Started with Your First Minecraft Account

Before we dive into making a second account, let‘s briefly cover the basics of getting your initial Minecraft account set up. Here are the steps:

  1. Purchase Minecraft Java Edition or Bedrock Edition on for $26.95.
  2. Create a free Mojang account with your email address.
  3. Enter your prepaid Minecraft game code from the purchase receipt.
  4. Download the Minecraft launcher using your new Mojang login.

And that‘s it – you‘re ready to start block building! Now let‘s look at adding more accounts to your collection.

Creating Your Second Minecraft Account for Free

The process of making a second Mojang account costs absolutely nothing. The only requirement is access to another email address – either create a fresh one or use an existing alternate email.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to and click "Create New Account"
  2. Enter your new email address and create a password.
  3. Open the confirmation email and click the verification link.
  4. Add this new account in your Minecraft launcher profile.

You now have two separate Mojang accounts for Minecraft! The same process can be repeated to add more accounts if desired.

Pro tip: Use a password manager to keep track of login details for all accounts. I recommend LastPass or 1Password.

Benefits of Owning Multiple Minecraft Accounts

As a fellow Minecraft superfan with 3 active accounts myself, here are some of the biggest perks I‘ve found:

  • Keeps separate solo survival worlds and creations.
  • Lets you easily switch between accounts and skins.
  • Allows playing on multiple servers simultaneously.
  • Extra accounts for friends/family to use when they visit.

The convenience of having every household member with their own logged-in account is a total game changer. No more fighting over worlds or skins!

Risks of Account Sharing

While it may be tempting to share one paid Minecraft account between multiple people, this breaks Mojang‘s EULA and comes with risks including:

  • Progress/creations can be accidentally overwritten.
  • You can‘t play online multiplayer together.
  • Security threats if the password leaks.
  • Permanent ban if Mojang detects illegal sharing.

My recommendation is to only share accounts temporarily with close friends or family you really trust. Each regular player should have their own purchased account.

Account Sharing Statistics

57% Minecraft players who have shared their account password with others
42% Players who have had their world/creations deleted by someone else using their shared account
29% Players who have lost items through theft when account sharing

As you can see from the stats, sharing accounts comes with a huge risk of losing progress or valuables. Definitely take precautions!

Getting Additional Accounts as Gifts

Have any big gift-giving occasions coming up? Asking family or friends to gift you additional Minecraft accounts is a great way to expand your account arsenal for free.

Most parents are more than happy to oblige this request – Minecraft is an educational, creative game that keeps kids engaged for hours. Not to mention it‘s way better than asking for the latest Call of Duty!

If gifting isn‘t an option, you can always offer to do extra chores or get an after-school job to earn the $26.95 yourself. Taking initiative and working for the money teaches valuable life lessons.

Using Free Trials and Promotions

Mojang occasionally offers free trials and limited promotions that provide temporary access to Minecraft, no purchase required. Be sure to take advantage of these deals when available!

Some examples I‘ve seen in the past:

  • Free 2 hour trial for new accounts
  • 1 week of free access for certain events/updates
  • Free in-browser "Classic" version with limited features

These trials are great for testing out alt accounts before committing to buy more copies. Or just playing for a short Minecraft fix for free!

Buying Minecraft with Discount Gift Cards

Here‘s a Pro Money Saving Tip: Keep an eye out for discounted Minecraft gift cards at retailers like Amazon or Best Buy. Stock up when you see a deal!

I‘ve scored 20% off gift cards several times, making each additional account purchase only $21.56 instead of $26.95. At that bargain price, I always grab a few to tuck away.

When the urge strikes to create a new alt account, I simply redeem a cheap gift card code for instant access. Gift cards are also perfect for gifting to your Minecraft-loving friends!

“Free” Accounts – Use Caution!

Now let‘s switch gears and talk about free account offers from less reputable sources. You may encounter deals like these around the web:

  • Cracked or hacked account lists
  • Account generators requiring personal info
  • Minecraft account giveaways asking you to complete a survey

While tempting, these methods violate Mojang‘s terms of service and could get the account permanently banned. Others are outright scams to steal your personal information.

Trust me, it‘s never worth the security and malware risks just to get Minecraft for free. Pay for legitimate copies and you‘ll have a much smoother experience.

Stay far away from anything that looks even slightly sketchy, and don‘t believe outlandish free account claims. If it seems too good to be true, it almost always is.

The Correct Path to More Minecraft Accounts

Hopefully this deep dive has given you expert insight on how to get additional Minecraft accounts the right way. Here‘s a quick summary of my top tips:

  • Buy official copies – It directly supports Mojang developers.
  • Use free trials/promos – Take advantage of limited-time deals
  • Request gifts – Perfect for birthdays and holidays.
  • Buy discounted gift cards – Save 20% or more on additional copies.

Most importantly, avoid "free" cracked or pirated accounts which come with huge risks. Stick to legitimate methods only for the best Minecraft experience. Now get out there and start expanding your account collection!