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Does MGM freeplay expire?

The short answer is – yes, MGM Freeplay does expire typically within 30-90 days if not used. But let‘s dive deeper into how this popular casino promotion works, when it expires, and strategies to maximize the value you get from Freeplay offers as an MGM Rewards member.

As a passionate gaming and tech enthusiast, I‘ve researched Freeplay extensively to find tricks for scoring the most promotional play. Read on to get the full scoop!

How Does Freeplay Work at MGM Casinos?

Freeplay is essentially free slot play credit that MGM loads onto your rewards card. To use this promotional credit, simply insert your card into a compatible slot machine and your current Freeplay balance will appear on screen.

You can then play real money slots risk-free, using your Freeplay funds to spin instead of cash from your wallet. It‘s like getting to test drive the games before deciding if you want to play for real!

Now here‘s the important part about how Freeplay functions:

Any winnings earned while playing slots with Freeplay are credited to your card as cashable funds.

You can withdraw these winnings or use them to keep playing anytime. But the original Freeplay amount itself cannot be cashed out – it‘s only for promotional slot play.

When Does MGM Freeplay Expire?

All Freeplay offers from MGM will have an expiration date, usually listed in the fine print terms. Based on the data I‘ve tracked, most MGM Freeplay is valid for:

  • 30 days – for special birthday offers
  • 60-90 days – for general Freeplay promotions

So it definitely does not last forever! You need to redeem your Freeplay credit before it expires.

After the expiry date passes, any unused Freeplay simply disappears from your account forever. But any winnings you earned playing slots with the Freeplay will remain in your cashable balance.

Pro Tip: Check your MGM Rewards account frequently to monitor upcoming Freeplay expiration dates. Use your shortest validity offers first!

Does MGM Offer Birthday Freeplay?

One of the best perks for MGM Rewards members is receiving bonus Freeplay for your birthday month.

Here are the details on how to get and use MGM birthday Freeplay:

  • Visit any MGM casino promotions kiosk on your actual birthday
  • Insert your rewards card into the kiosk
  • Play a fun virtual slot game on screen
  • You‘ll instantly win a random Freeplay amount between $5 – $500!

This special birthday gift is valid only on your birthday when playing the kiosk game. And it typically expires 30 days after you win it.

So be sure to stop by an MGM casino on your special day every year to claim your birthday present of bonus Freeplay!

Does Freeplay Expiration Vary by Tier Level?

MGM Rewards status tiers (Sapphire, Pearl, Gold, Platinum, NOIR) determine some Freeplay expiration policies:

Sapphire Members:

  • General Freeplay expires 90 days after issuing
  • Birthday Freeplay expires 30 days after birthday

All Other Tier Levels:

  • General Freeplay expires 180 days after issuing
  • Birthday Freeplay expires 60 days after birthday

So higher tier members get double the time to use Freeplay!

  • Sapphire: 90 days general, 30 days birthday
  • All other tiers: 180 days general, 60 days birthday
  • Prioritizing tier status upgrades can help lengthen your Freeplay validity period.

    Strategies to Maximize MGM Freeplay Value

    As a slots enthusiast, I‘ve found some proven tips to stretch your Freeplay benefits:

    1. Opt-in For Promotional Emails & Texts

    Signing up through your MGM Rewards account ensures you never miss a new Freeplay offer. Over 90% of my Freeplay credits have come from email and text promotions.

    2. Track Expiration Dates Closely

    Use Freeplay with the shortest validity window first, since any unused credits will vanish. Checking your account every couple weeks prevents anything expiring before you can use it.

    3. Play Games That Earn Comps

    Use Freeplay for slots that contribute to comps earnings and tier status. Getting rewarded twice with comps and slot play makes the most of your Freeplay.

    4. Withdraw Any Winnings

    When you win actual cash from playing with Freeplay, withdraw those winnings to safeguard them. Then you can use them to fund more gameplay after the Freeplay expires.

    5. Maximize Birthday Bonus Time

    Set a reminder to play the birthday kiosk game on the morning of your special day. That gives you a full 30 days to utilize the extra birthday Freeplay.

    The Bottom Line

    As a dedicated slots and gaming fan, getting the most from your Freeplay promotions comes down to vigilantly tracking expiration dates, cashing out winnings, and optimizing rewards earnings.

    Monitor your MGM Rewards account activity closely, and be sure to use every Freeplay credit prior to expiry. With the right strategy, you can stretch promotional play to get maximum value from the free slot machine fun!