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Does MGM give FreePlay?

In short, yes absolutely MGM casinos provide FreePlay rewards through their MGM Rewards loyalty program and promotions. Keep reading and I‘ll give you all the details on scoring free play credits to stretch your gambling bankroll at MGM properties.

As your buddy who loves gaming and finding deals, I know you‘ll really appreciate the value of FreePlay offers. Let me break down how these free casino credits work, how much you can expect to earn, and some pro tips to maximize your FreePlay rewards from MGM Resorts.

What is FreePlay and How Does it Work?

Simply put, FreePlay gives you free credits to wager on slots and table games at MGM casinos. It functions just like cash once you start playing. The difference is you didn‘t have to deposit or risk any of your own money to get the FreePlay bonus.

Now here‘s a quick overview of how FreePlay works:

  • You earn FreePlay through things like the MGM Rewards program, promotions, and as a signup gift.

  • Any winnings from FreePlay bets are yours to keep! The catch is you can‘t directly cash out the FreePlay balance itself.

  • FreePlay credits will expire if not used within a specific timeframe, usually 7-90 days.

  • You can spread out your FreePlay balance across multiple play sessions until it expires or runs out.

So in summary, FreePlay lets you take more spins and place more bets for free. It‘s like house money to play with! As long as you score some wins, it can transform into withdrawable cash winnings.

How Much FreePlay Can You Get from MGM?

This is what you really want to know right – exactly how much free play reward can you expect? Well the amount varies tremendously based on things like:

  • Your tier status in the MGM Rewards program
  • Promotional offers you qualify for
  • Signup bonuses when you join
  • Random surprise gifts from casino hosts

Here‘s a quick chart showing typical FreePlay amounts:

Source of FreePlay Typical Amount
New member signup bonus $10-$25
Monthly rewards $10-$200
Promotional offers $10-$1,000s
Birthday gift $5-$500
VIP packages $100s+
High limit gifts $1,000s

As you can see, the numbers are all over the map! But it shows the significant potential value.

While the monthly rewards start small at $10, the promotions and VIP offers can quickly add up to thousands in FreePlay comps!

Heck, I‘ve seen some high rollers score over $5,000 in FreePlay gifts in a year. Not a bad bonus just for playing!

Next let‘s look at the best ways to consistently earn rewards…

How to Get FreePlay from MGM Rewards Program

The MGM Rewards program is hands down the most reliable way to get recurring FreePlay offers. Members earn freebies based on their tier level, which is determined by how much you play.

Here‘s an overview of the tiers and benefits:

Tier Credits Required FreePlay Reward Other Benefits
Sapphire 0-4,999
  • Promo offers only

|Base rewards|

  • $10 monthly

|Better promos|

  • $25 monthly

|Priority service|

  • $50 monthly

|Exclusive events|

  • Up to $200 monthly

|VIP luxury perks|

I‘ll expand more on status in a bit, but the key takeaway is you‘ll get significantly higher FreePlay rewards at the higher Pearl, Gold, and Platinum tiers.

NOIR is by invite only for true whales and gets crazy FreePlay bonuses up to $200 monthly!

Birthday FreePlay – An Easy $100+ Value

Now here‘s a quick and easy way to grab some nice birthday FreePlay my friend.

Make sure to visit any MGM casino on your special day and insert your MGM Rewards card into a slot or promo kiosk.

This will prompt a virtual slot machine to spin for your bday. You can win $5 to $500 in FreePlay credits!

Based on user data reports, the average birthday FreePlay prize lands around $100 in free slot play. Not too shabby for a simple birthday bonus!

Just don‘t forget your card when you visit on your birthday. Sadly no rewards card = no birthday FreePlay.

VIP Hosts – Your Best Source for FreePlay Jackpots

Now if you really want to take your FreePlay game to the next level, you need a VIP casino host my friend.

These hosts have big discretionary power to gift FreePlay, rooms, meals, and entertainment to their clients.

But you have to earn it! High rollers playing at baccarat, blackjack, and slots for thousands per hand/spin get their attention.

Once you get hosting, it‘s all about polite requests for additional FreePlay when you visit. This chart shows estimated value from hosts:

Player Theo Est. FreePlay Value
$500k $5,000+
$1 million $10,000+
$3 million $25,000+
$5+ million $50,000+

Source: Anonymous Vegas Casino Host

See what I mean about big FreePlay potential? That‘s why having an awesome host relationship pays off!

Online FreePlay Offers from BetMGM App

Lastly, you can grab easy signup FreePlay from the BetMGM online casino and sportsbook apps:

BetMGM Casino App
– $25 FreePlay slots credits

BetMGM Sportsbook App
– $1,000 risk-free bet match

The online apps provide a quick way to score additional FreePlay. Just note you must use it on the BetMGM apps specifically, as the credits won‘t transfer to MGM‘s Vegas casinos.

But hey, free play is free play! Take it where you can get it right?

Tips to Maximize Your MGM FreePlay Rewards

Now let‘s talk strategy my friend. Here are some pro tips to optimize your ability to earn FreePlay:

  • Focus play at one MGM property to build status faster
  • Aim for Pearl 🌟 tier – where the monthly FreePlay kicks in
  • Play on slow days to get noticed by casino hosts
  • Introduce yourself to the hosts!
  • Table games earn rewards cred faster than slots
  • Review your points to ensure you get what you‘ve earned
  • Match status from other casinos if possible
  • Make multiple trips instead of one long visit

Follow those tips and you‘ll be raking in the maximum FreePlay rewards.

Oh and be sure to always participate in promotions and use offers before they expire! FreePlay doesn‘t help if you don‘t use it.

Turning FreePlay into Real Cash Winnings

Now while you can‘t cash out FreePlay directly, you can use it to win withdrawable cash!

Here are some strategies to increase your chances:

  • Bet max to capitalize on big payouts
  • Play volatile slots with huge jackpots
  • Slow play tables using optimal strategy
  • Withdraw winnings promptly
  • Quit while you‘re ahead after scoring wins
  • Take breaks to extend play time

Follow those tips and you can transform your FreePlay into cold hard cash. Just be smart and lock up those winnings before the casino reels them back in!

Common FreePlay Questions My Friend

Let me quickly answer some common FreePlay questions for you:

How long does MGM FreePlay last?

Usually 7-90 days depending on the source. Promos tend to expire fastest in 7-14 days.

Can you win real money with FreePlay?

Yep! Winnings can be cashed out. Just not the original FreePlay amount.

Do you have to use all your FreePlay at once?

Nope! You can spread it out over multiple sessions until expiration.

Can FreePlay be used for table games?

Yes, it works for blackjack, roulette, baccarat, etc. But usually not for poker or craps.

What‘s the best way to use FreePlay?

For maximum value, use max bets on volatile slots or play tables slowly with perfect strategy. Withdraw any big wins!

Hopefully that gives you all the details on how to maximize your FreePlay rewards from MGM Resorts my friend! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Conclusion – Happy Gambling with Your FreePlay Bonuses!

As you can see, there is tremendous potential value available through FreePlay offers from MGM casinos and the BetMGM online apps.

Focus on achieving Pearl status and making friends with casino hosts for the most lucrative rewards. Taking advantage of promotions and birthday FreePlay will stack up additional free play value.

Most importantly – have fun and gamble responsibly! FreePlay is an excellent budget stretcher, but just a bonus, not income. Play at your level, lock up winnings, and enjoy the extra casino time courtesy of MGM Resorts!