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Does Netflix Have Rocky? Where to Watch the Rocky Movies Online for Free

Hey there fellow Rocky fan! I know you‘re eager to binge the entire Rocky saga from start to finish. I‘ve got good news and bad news. Let‘s start with the bad news – unfortunately Netflix does NOT currently have any of the Rocky movies in their streaming library. I know, it‘s a real bummer!

But don‘t sweat it, your ol‘ pal Steven has got you covered. I‘ve dug deep into all the insider tricks and secret hacks us streaming fanatics use to watch movies for free online. Keep reading and I‘ll explain multiple ways you can watch every single Rocky movie 100% free, without paying a penny. Netflix may have let us down, but I promise you‘ll still be yelling "Yo Adrian!" in triumph once you learn all the free options out there!

First let‘s do a super quick recap of all 6 Rocky films so you know which pulse-pounding installments you need to track down:

Rocky Movie Synopses

Rocky (1976)

Down-on-his-luck boxer Rocky Balboa gets a miraculous shot at the world heavyweight title against undefeated champion Apollo Creed. Even in losing, Rocky proves he has the heart of a champion.

Rocky II (1979)

After the fight of his life, medical issues and money problems force Rocky to get back in the ring for a high-stakes rematch with Apollo Creed. This time, Rocky is fighting for far more than just self-respect.

Rocky III (1982)

Now the world champion, Rocky has gotten soft and lost his edge. Hungry up-and-comer Clubber Lang capitalizes on this and savagely dethrones Rocky as champ. A depressed Rocky must regain his "eye of the tiger" and reclaim his title.

Rocky IV (1985)

Rocky‘s friend Apollo dies at the hands of vicious Soviet fighter Ivan Drago. An enraged Rocky vows revenge and travels to Russia for a showdown with Drago with USA vs USSR tensions at their peak.

Rocky V (1990)

Forced into retirement by brain damage suffered in Russia, Rocky tries training hungry upstart Tommy Gunn. When Gunn turns on his mentor, Rocky must fight the student-turned-rival on the streets of Philadelphia.

Rocky Balboa (2006)

Sixteen years retired, an aging Rocky is coaxed back for one last fight against the current heavyweight champ Mason Dixon. Back where it all started in Philly, Rocky must dig deep to defy the odds one final time.

Where to Find Rocky Movies Online

Now let‘s dive into all the ways you can live stream these classic underdog stories free without membership fees or monthly subscriptions:

1. FuboTV (Free 7-Day Trial)

My top recommendation is to use FuboTV‘s free trial. This popular sports streaming service offers new users a 7-day trial to test the platform. During the trial you get full access to their streaming library, including Rocky 1-5 and Rocky Balboa available on-demand.

Here‘s how to watch 6 Rocky movies free on FuboTV:

  1. Go to fuboTV and click "Start Your Free Trial"
  2. Create an account with your email (no payment info required)
  3. Access FuboTV‘s on-demand library and search "Rocky"
  4. Stream the first 5 films + Rocky Balboa for free!

I suggest signing up late in the week so you have the full weekend to binge. And don‘t forget to cancel before the 7 days if you don‘t want to continue the paid service. Enjoy over 20 hours of free Rocky action!

2. Pluto TV (100% Free)

If you don‘t want to bother cancelling a trial, Pluto TV is a great 100% free option. This streaming service is supported by ads, but requires no account or fees to use. Pluto offers a dedicated 24/7 Rocky channel streaming all the franchise films on repeat.

Steps to watch Rocky movies on Pluto TV:

  1. Go to Pluto TV site – no signup needed
  2. Click through their channel guide until you find the Rocky channel
  3. Sit back and enjoy the non-stop Rocky marathon!

3. Tubi (Free)

Another free ad-supported streaming site is Tubi. They offer the first 3 Rocky films – including the Oscar-winning original – completely free!

Here‘s how to watch the beginning of Rocky‘s journey on Tubi:

  1. Go to Tubi and create a free account
  2. Search for "Rocky" and locate the first 3 films
  3. Stream Rocky, Rocky II and Rocky III with ads

4. Crackle (Free)

Sony‘s Crackle has the first Rocky available on demand 100% free. While it‘s just the one film, it‘s still the most important one that introduced the whole franchise!

  1. Go to Crackle and hit "Start Watching"
  2. Browse movies until you find the original Rocky
  3. Stream the iconic boxing classic at no cost

Rocky Movie Free Streaming Statistics

To summarize the best free Rocky streaming options:

Platform Free Trial? # of Rocky Films
FuboTV Yes (7 days) 6 films
Pluto TV No All 6 films
Tubi No First 3 films
Crackle No Rocky 1 only

As you can see, FuboTV and Pluto TV give you the most bang for your free buck with 6 Rocky movies and the complete series available respectively. But Tubi and Crackle are handy for streaming the crucial early films.

Expert Tips to Stream Later Rocky Movies Free

Now you may be wondering about how to stream the last three films – Rocky III, IV and V – for free if they aren‘t on the major free platforms. Don‘t sweat it, I‘ve got some pro tips and tricks up my sleeve!

Use Free Trials of Premium Streamers

Services like Hulu and HBO Max offer week-long free trials and often have some of the missing Rocky films available on demand. You can squeeze in 1 or 2 installments during the trial period. Just remember to cancel if you don‘t want the paid service.

Look for Free Screenings

Local theaters, drive-ins, libraries or museums often show free movies or Rocky marathons sponsored by fans groups. Follow Rocky fan accounts on social media to stay updated on free screening events.

Borrow DVDs from Friends

You‘d be surprised how many of your buddies have Rocky DVD collections they‘ll lend out. Offer to swap for another beloved movie you own to keep the movie karma flowing.

Snag Discount DVDs

Retailers like Walmart and Best Buy always have bargain DVD bins. With some luck you can build your Rocky set over time by grabbing discounted discs for as low as $5 when sales pop up.

Use Free Library Rentals

Don‘t forget your local library! Most offer free DVD rentals so you can check out later Rocky films whenever they‘re in stock to add to your free streaming selection.

Go the Distance and Watch Rocky Free!

There you have it – with the right mix of free streaming trials, ad-supported services, library rentals, retail deals and peer-to-peer sharing, you can watch every single Rocky movie without spending a dime!

It may take some patience and effort to snag the whole saga, but that‘s what Rocky is all about right? Going the distance and persevering against all odds until your hand is raised in victory. With this guide‘s tips you‘ll be cheering along with Rocky‘s inspirational journey in no time.

Yo Adrian, we did it! Now all that‘s left to do is pop some popcorn, play that epic Rocky theme song "Gonna Fly Now", and get ready to binge the noble Italian Stallion slugging his way into our hearts. You got this champ! Enjoy the thrill of the fight along with timeless messages of determination and self-belief from a true underdog hero.