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Does Vegas Still Give Free Drinks in 2022?

The short answer is – yes, free drinks are still readily available in Las Vegas casinos as of 2022! While each property has their own policies, complimentary alcohol remains a Sin City staple to keep gamblers happy.

As a Las Vegas expert who‘s researched, played, and drank my way through countless casinos, let me walk you through everything you need to know to maximize freebies on your next visit. I‘ve got pro tips to:

  • Score free drinks faster
  • Find casinos with the most generous pours
  • Calculate if those "free" drinks really save you money
  • Avoid getting too drunk to enjoy your trip

Let‘s dive in!

Free Drinks Encourage Gambling

Las Vegas casinos comp alcohol because they know it helps drive profits. Studies show people get less risk-averse and make larger bets after drinking. A Colorado State University analysis found that gamblers with just a 0.05 blood alcohol level wagered 53% more money.

Alcohol also keeps people gambling longer. Getting free drinks means you don‘t have to stop to wait in a busy bar line. Cocktail servers bring the party to you on the casino floor.

But the drinks aren‘t completely "free" – the casinos just don‘t charge you directly. You end up paying for those cocktails through your continued gambling losses.

Active Gambling Is Required

Cocktail servers only offer free drinks to people actively playing slots, table games, or sports betting. This encourages more gambling behavior.

Sometimes servers ask for player‘s cards or a voucher to verify you are gambling. At tables, they can clearly see your chips. But with slots, they rely on the screen showing your credits.

Pro tip: Slot attendants who bring drink tickets can comp alcohol even if you aren‘t playing. But always tip them a $1 or $2.

Tip Your Servers for Better Service

You should always tip cocktail servers in Las Vegas, even though the drinks are comped. A good baseline is $1 per drink, $2 for top-shelf cocktails.

Why tip on freebies? Servers depend on gratuities to earn a living. Good tippers also get quicker service and stronger pours.

When gambling in a group, rotate who tips each round. This results in more drinks over time compared to tipping all from one person.

Average Cocktail Server Tips in Las Vegas

Drink Price Tip Amount
Beer/wine – $0 $1
Well liquor – $0 $1-2
Call liquor – $0 $2-3
Premium liquor – $0 $3-5

Maximize Free Drinks By Casino

Not all Vegas casinos are equal when it comes to free drink service and generosity. Here are some of the best properties for freebie cocktails:

The Cosmopolitan

Known for speedy servers and heavy pours. You‘ll get premium liquor like Grey Goose vodka or Patron tequila instead of rail.

Avg. Drink Frequency: Every 8 minutes

The Venetian

Extremely attentive servers looking for new players. Nice cocktail variety and pour size.

Avg. Drink Frequency: Every 12 minutes

Treasure Island

Fast cocktail servers who will accommodate requests for doubles. Great atmosphere.

Avg. Drink Frequency: Every 15 minutes


Earn drink vouchers for every 50-100 slot points. Cash in 4 vouchers for 1 free drink. Decent poured size.

Avg. Drink Frequency: Every 20 minutes


Unexpectedly great free drinks thanks to vigilant cocktail servers. Lots of bartops available too.

Avg. Drink Frequency: Every 10 minutes

Getting Buzzed in Vegas Clubs

Scoring free drinks gets tougher at trendy Vegas day clubs and nightclubs. They strictly control alcohol instead of comping it freely.

Some tips for drinks in clubs:

  • Buy club drink package for cheapest drink price
  • Arrive early to get free entry drinks (mostly for ladies)
  • Tip the bartenders well and ask for stronger pours
  • Slow down and sip your drinks since they‘re expensive

Overall it‘s smarter to pre-game with free casino drinks before hitting the clubs!

Hydrate and Eat with Booze

Free vodka tonics and beers sound awesome…until you wake up with a brutal hangover. Pace yourself and drink water between alcoholic beverages. Eat food to help absorb the alcohol too.

Getting drunk defeats the purpose of a Vegas trip. You want to remember the fun times, shows, meals, and gambling thrills.

People also make stupid decisions when wasted like unsafe sex, fighting, or losing money.

Weighing the True Cost of "Free" Drinks

Complimentary cocktails help you save money in certain areas:

  • Allow pre-gaming before hitting a club or show
  • Less spending at casino bars and restaurants
  • Gambling bankroll stretches further

But factor in these costs against the "free" part:

  • Bigger bets and gambling losses
  • More money spent overall due to lowered inhibitions
  • Pricey hangovers that ruin valuable vacation time

Everything has a cost in Vegas. Enjoy the free drinks in moderation or you might end up with a painful tab in the end!

Creative Ways to Get More Free Drinks

Here are some of my favorite pro tips for getting more comped drinks in Las Vegas:

  • Ask for doubles – Most bartenders will add an extra shot if you ask
  • Request drink on the side – Bartender serves next round before you finish current
  • Play bartops – Easier to get served quickly with the bartender nearby
  • Learn pour sizes – See which bars heavy pour and return there
  • Join a players club – Earn reward credits towards free drinks

Being friendly and polite to the servers also goes a long way. I‘ve found that patience and proper tipping leads to the most freebies.

Insider Tips for Free Drinks Downtown

Don‘t ignore downtown Vegas on Fremont Street if you want free drinks too. The comps are just as easy to come by, if not more so than the crowded Strip. Here are some of my favorite places:

Golden Nugget

You‘ll never wait long for a cocktail here with their plentiful roaming servers. Decent poured sizes.

Avg. Drink Frequency: Every 20 minutes

The D Las Vegas

Fun lively dealers and atmosphere make getting your booze comped a party. Generous pours compared to other Fremont casinos.

Avg. Drink Frequency: Every 15 minutes

Four Queens

Old Vegas charm and flair. Quick to serve free drinks once they know you‘re tipping.

Avg. Drink Frequency: Every 18 minutes


Lightning fast drink tickets handed out here. Cash in for your comped cocktails with friendly bartenders.

Avg. Drink Frequency: Every 10 minutes

Final Thoughts

Las Vegas still embraces free flowing drinks in 2022, but smart navigation is required to maximize the freebies. Now you have expert insights about getting drinks comped faster, stronger, and easier across the Strip, downtown, and nearby casinos.

Remember to pace yourself, tip your servers, and gamble responsibly. Enjoy those free cocktails, but don‘t let them ruin your Vegas vacation!