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Doubts Surround Claims of Sony Hack by Group, a newly emerged hacking group, recently announced that it had successfully hacked into all of Sony's systems and threatened to sell the obtained data. Sony, however, denied paying the ransom, leading the group to make good on its threat. As evidence, the group posted a few sample files from the hacked data, causing concern among Sony users, especially gamers seeking to delete their PlayStation accounts.

This is not the first time Sony has fallen victim to a significant cyberattack. In 2011, the company experienced a massive data breach that leaked the personal information of over 77 million PlayStation Network accounts. Sony was forced to shut down the entire network for 23 days to address the fallout.

While the current situation may not be as severe, it is still causing controversy. An independent individual named “MajorNelson” has challenged the authenticity of's claims, stating that the group is misleading about the breach. MajorNelson also leaked the data that the group had supposedly obtained, including internal login information and incident response policies.

Sony acknowledges the seriousness of the situation and is actively investigating it. However, the company has not released any details regarding the extent of the leaked data. Concerned users fear a repeat of the 2011 hack and are urgently seeking ways to delete their PlayStation accounts.

Hopefully, Sony will provide more information to alleviate customer concerns and clarify the true nature of the incident.


  • A hacking group that claimed to have hacked into Sony's systems and threatened to sell the obtained data.
  • PlayStation: Sony's gaming brand that offers gaming consoles, online services, and a wide range of video games.
  • Data breach: Unauthorized access to confidential or sensitive data by hackers.
  • MajorNelson: An independent individual questioning the authenticity of's claims and leaking the data in question.
  • Incident response policies: Procedures and protocols established by organizations to react and mitigate potential security incidents.

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