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Dragon Ball FighterZ Balance Patch Notes Set to Release Tomorrow

Bandai Namco has confirmed that the patch notes for the upcoming balance patch in Dragon Ball FighterZ will be released tomorrow. The update, scheduled for the end of August, will bring various changes to the game based on player feedback.

While the details of the update are still unknown, it is important to note that this patch will not include the highly anticipated rollback netcode. Bandai Namco previously announced that Dragon Ball FighterZ would receive the rollback netcode, but fans are still waiting for news regarding the public beta test on Steam.

This upcoming balance patch could potentially be the final one for Dragon Ball FighterZ, as there has been no mention of future updates. However, it is possible that the developers might release balance adjustments alongside the rollout of the rollback netcode, despite their initial statement that this was not planned.

Players can expect documentation on character buffs, nerfs, and other changes in the patch notes. Additionally, there is a chance that the release date for the patch itself will be revealed tomorrow.

Stay tuned for the full details of the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ balance patch in tomorrow's patch notes release!

– Bandai Namco Esports on Twitter