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Dream and GeorgeNotFound receive backlash for “awful” performance on live tour

Minecraft stars Dream and GeorgeNotFound are facing criticism for their recent performance on Dream's live tour. The duo's concert video went viral, with many viewers expressing disappointment in their performance.

Dream, a prominent YouTuber and online gaming figure, has gained popularity not only for his gaming content but also for his music. He has released original tracks over the years and embarked on his ‘Whoever Wants to Hear' tour with GeorgeNotFound, visiting various states in the United States.

While Dream's online presence has garnered a large following, his live concert performance has received mixed reviews. A video from one of their concerts, affectionately nicknamed the ‘Droncert' by fans, surfaced online and showcased Dream and George singing a song they wrote together. However, their vocals were out of sync and lacked coordination, disappointing many viewers.

Critics took to social media to express their thoughts on the performance. Some users commented that they could have gone their whole lives without hearing it, while others questioned the duo's musical abilities. Some even mentioned that they couldn't understand most of the lyrics.

Despite the negative feedback from online users, attendees of the concert seemed to enjoy the experience. However, netizens speculated that Dream's previous songs might have relied heavily on autotune, leading to the backlash.

This backlash is not the first that Dream has faced recently. He received criticism after winning a Streamy Award for Gamer of the Year, which sparked controversy among fans and comparisons to other popular YouTubers like Markiplier.

Overall, Dream and GeorgeNotFound's live tour performance has received mixed reactions, with critics voicing their disappointment while attendees showed their support. It remains to be seen how this feedback will impact their future musical endeavors.

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