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EA Admits Season 17 of Apex Legends Fell Short of Revenue Expectations

EA has acknowledged that Season 17 of Apex Legends did not meet its financial expectations in terms of revenue. In their August earnings call, EA addressed the previous season, which failed to generate the anticipated revenue despite the community's eager anticipation at launch. The CEO of EA, Andrew Wilson, stated that while Apex Legends remains one of the strongest franchises in the industry, Season 17 did not meet their financial expectations.

Although Apex Legends still maintains 18 million active monthly players, the “new variations of gameplay and monetization” introduced in Season 17 were not sufficient to meet targets. Stuart Canfield, the CFO of EA, further explained that Season 17's underperformance was a significant factor in net bookings falling below expectations.

Acknowledging the loyal core player base and the success of Apex Legends as an original IP, Canfield emphasized the constant innovation in content and the introduction of new modes of play to engage a broader player base. EA plans to invest in Respawn Entertainment's talented team to drive long-term expansion and growth of the franchise.

It has been noted that complaints about the Ranked system in Season 17 have deterred many players from actively participating and spending money on the game. Season 18 of Apex Legends, which will launch on August 8, includes changes to the Ranked system in an effort to regain player engagement and generate better revenue results.

Despite Season 18 not featuring a new Legend, players can expect a rework of the existing character Revenant, now known as Revenant Reborn.