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EA FC 24 Mobile Set to Launch Soon: What to Expect

The highly anticipated release of EA FC 24 is just around the corner, and fans are eagerly awaiting the complete launch on September 29th, 2023. In the meantime, EA Sports has decided to build up even more excitement by introducing EA FC 24 Mobile, allowing players to experience the game on their smartphones.

The release date for EA FC 24 Mobile has been announced as September 26th, 2023. This new mobile game is expected to offer a unique and immersive experience, complementing the Ultimate Edition of the game. Whether you're already playing on a console or PC, having the ability to play on your phone adds a new level of convenience and excitement.

Prior to the launch of EA FC 24 Mobile, there will be some downtime for the existing FIFA Mobile app. The official EA Sports FC Twitter page has informed users that there will be “extended maintenance” as the team prepares for the release of the new mobile app. While the duration of the maintenance period is uncertain, it will begin on September 26th, 2023.

For those in the UK, the launch time for EA FC 24 Mobile is set to be 08:00 BST on September 26th, 2023. This time may be subject to change, so it's advisable to stay updated through official channels for any announcements.

Overall, the introduction of EA FC 24 Mobile is an exciting development for FIFA fans. It offers a seamless transition from console or PC gaming to mobile gameplay, providing more opportunities to enjoy the game wherever and whenever desired. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to experience the thrill of EA FC 24 on your phone!

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