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EA Sports Updates FIFA 23 to Feature Hijab for Morocco’s Nouhaila Benzina

EA Sports has released a new update for its game FIFA 23, incorporating a hijab for Moroccan footballer Nouhaila Benzina. This update comes after Benzina made history by being the first player to wear an Islamic headscarf during a World Cup match.

The inclusion of a hijab in FIFA 23 is a significant step towards representing a diverse range of players and fans within the game. Benzina's impact on the sport has motivated EA Sports to make this change, highlighting the importance of inclusivity.

This update, which showcases the hijab on Benzina's player model, marks a milestone for both the Women's World Cup and the popular football gaming franchise. It may be one of the final major updates for FIFA 23, as the season comes to an end and a new era begins with the release of EA FC 24.

The allowance of hijabs in real-life football is a relatively recent development. Previously, FIFA had banned the use of head coverings, citing potential safety concerns. However, in 2014, FIFA lifted the ban, allowing players to wear headscarves for religious reasons.

With the inclusion of a hijab in FIFA 23, Nouhaila Benzina continues to make a significant impact on the sport, and EA Sports has followed suit by ensuring that a diverse range of players is represented in their game.

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