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Echo VR to be Shut Down by Meta and Ready at Dawn

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has announced the closure of the popular VR game Echo VR, developed by Ready at Dawn. Along with Echo VR, its squad shooter variant Echo Combat will also be shut down. This decision was previously announced by Meta and is scheduled to take effect on August 1st at 10 AM PT. Players have limited time left to enjoy these multiplayer-only games before they are disconnected from Meta's servers.

Despite the passionate protests from Echo VR fans, including an airplane-towed banner displaying a message at Meta's headquarters, the company remained firm in its decision. The protests, both online and offline, were unable to influence Meta's determination to shut down the game.

Ready at Dawn, which was acquired by Meta in 2020, cited various reasons for the shutdown, including the studio's focus on their next project. The closure of Echo VR comes after a series of layoffs at Meta, which affected both Ready at Dawn and Downpour Interactive, the studio behind Onward.

The studio recently released the Echo VR Original Soundtrack on YouTube as a consolation for fans. However, its popularity and high ratings make it a loss for the VR community.

While Ready at Dawn has not yet revealed details about their upcoming project, fans hope that it will incorporate the same successful elements found in Echo VR and its narrative games, such as Lone Echo.

As the shutdown date approaches, players are encouraged to make the most of the remaining time and experience Echo VR before it becomes inaccessible.