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Electronic Arts Announces EA Sports UFC 5 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series

Electronic Arts has unveiled the highly anticipated EA Sports UFC 5, which will be available for both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. Set to launch on October 27, the game will be offered in two editions: the standard edition priced at $69.99 and the deluxe edition priced at $99.99. Pre-orders for the digital version of the game have already begun.

The standard edition of EA Sports UFC 5 includes the base game, two alter egos, the “30th Anniversary Vanity Bundle,” five online Career Mode XP boosts, and the legendary Muhammad Ali as a playable character. On the other hand, the deluxe edition provides players with three days of early access, playable fighters such as Mike Tyson, Fedor Emelianenko, and Muhammad Ali, and additional in-game content like the “Bruce Lee Bundle,” four alter egos, the “Origins Bundle,” and the “30th Anniversary Vanity Bundle.”

Powered by the Frostbite engine, EA Sports UFC 5 aims to deliver a realistic and immersive fighting experience. The game features advanced character likenesses and stunning environments that bring the Octagon to life. The newly implemented authentic damage system simulates the physical toll of a fight, affecting mobility, defense, stamina, and more. Additionally, the Transition-Based Submissions and Cinematic K.O. Replays introduce enhanced grappling mechanics and visually impressive finishers.

Furthermore, EA Sports UFC 5 will offer a revamped live service schedule, providing engaging challenges aligned with real-world pay-per-view events.

Gear up for the next evolution in the world of fighting games with EA Sports UFC 5, available soon on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series platforms.

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