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Elgiganten and Astralis Announce Partnership to Benefit Fans and Gamers in Denmark and Nordic Countries

Retail giant Elgiganten and leading esports organization Astralis have announced a new partnership that aims to provide benefits to Danish and Nordic fans and gamers. The agreement includes financial terms as well as a range of planned activations, offers, events, and meet & greets with Astralis' three Counter-Strike teams.

One of the key aspects of the partnership is the activation and exposure across Astralis' digital channels, which will allow fans to engage with the organization online. Additionally, Elgiganten will be involved in events and meet & greets that will take place at Astralis Nexus and various Elgiganten warehouses across the country.

Niclas Nybjerg, Sales Director at Astralis, emphasizes that the activations in this partnership are aimed at giving back to the Danish and Nordic fans and gamers who have contributed to building a fantastic and inclusive community. Nybjerg also mentions that there will be attractive offers, events, and surprises for the fans who participate in the upcoming tour and meet & greets.

Peder Stedal, CEO of Elgiganten, expresses excitement about the collaboration with Astralis, highlighting their solid presence across the country with 44 warehouses. With their wide selection of gamer computers and equipment, Elgiganten aims to provide customers with ample opportunities to experience and purchase everything a gamer desires. Stedal believes that this partnership will further enhance their ability to create new, special offers, and events in their stores, particularly appealing to gaming, esports, and Counter-Strike enthusiasts.

Casper Mortensen, Associate Sales Manager at Elgiganten, emphasizes their commitment to the gaming community in the Nordics. Partnering with Astralis, a leading esports organization, serves as a tribute to the growing esports culture in the region. Mortensen is delighted to offer customers exciting activations, offers, and opportunities to meet Astralis' Counter-Strike team.

The partnership is set to launch a series of initiatives that will be visible across Elgiganten's and Astralis' channels in the near future. Fans and gamers can expect a range of exciting experiences and engagement opportunities as a result of this collaboration.

– Activations: Planned initiatives and events to engage fans and gamers.
– Meet & greets: Events where fans can meet and interact with players or celebrities.
– Counter-Strike: A popular first-person shooter video game franchise.
– Esports: Competitive video gaming at a professional level.

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