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Eon Rush Studios Announces Co-op Action RPG ‘Eon Rush’

Startup game development house Eon Rush Studios has revealed its first game, Eon Rush. The game is a co-op action RPG set in different eras of both science-fiction and fantasy. Currently, the game is being developed for PC via Steam.

In Eon Rush, players will face off against the Chronophage, a monster that feeds on time and destroys entire realms. The objective is to fight and ultimately destroy this creature. To give players a taste of the game, an early-build demo will be available to play at Gamescom.

The developers at Eon Rush Studios have an impressive background, having previously worked on popular franchises such as Far Cry, Watch Dogs, and Pokemon. They claim that Eon Rush offers the best experience of both PvE and PvP gameplay, with no unnecessary filler content. Instead, players will dive straight into exciting challenges, including fighting colossal monsters, participating in challenging gauntlets, and engaging in intense battles across space and time.

As development progresses, more information about Eon Rush will be released. Stay tuned for updates.

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