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Epic Games Announces First Run Program to Attract Third-Party Developers to Epic Store

Epic Games has unveiled a new initiative called the First Run program, aimed at enticing third-party developers to release their games as timed exclusives on the Epic Store. The program offers developers and publishers the opportunity to increase their revenue share from “88% to 100%” within the first six months of the game's release on the store.

Participants in the program will also benefit from a range of promotional opportunities to showcase their games. This includes exclusive badging, special homepage placements, and inclusion in dedicated collections. Products will also be featured in relevant store campaigns, such as events, editorials, and special sales.

Importantly, the First Run program is open to developers of any scale, meaning both AAA studios like Ubisoft and indie developers like Ska Studios (known for games like Salt and Sacrifice) can participate and take advantage of the benefits provided.

The First Run program will launch on October 16th, and developers with a registered Epic Games developer account after that date will be eligible to participate. However, games that already have an exclusivity deal with Epic Games at that point will not be eligible. Additionally, games must not have been released on any other third-party stores or included in subscription services elsewhere. Developers are encouraged to review the official Epic Games FAQ for detailed information on submission guidelines and prerequisites.

While the immediate impact on gamers remains to be seen, it is expected that the First Run program will lead to an increase in timed exclusives on the Epic Store. As the program offers enticing incentives, it may attract more developers to release their games on the Epic Store as timed exclusives, giving players more options and enhancing the store's offerings.

– Timed exclusives: Games that are initially released exclusively on a particular platform or store for a specified period before becoming available on other platforms.
– AAA studios: Refers to large and well-established video game development companies known for producing high-budget, high-quality games.
– Indie developers: Refers to independent video game developers who typically operate with smaller teams and budgets, often creating unique and innovative games.
– Epic Store: Refers to the digital distribution platform operated by Epic Games, offering a wide range of games for purchase and download on PC.

– Epic Games FAQ on the First Run program