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Epic Games CEO Supports Use of AI in Game Development

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney recently expressed his support for the use of AI tools in game development. In contrast to Steam, he stated that the Epic Games Store (EGS) does not ban titles for utilizing new technologies. The discussion started when a developer shared on Reddit that their game had been banned on Steam because of the optional ChatGPT mode. This news also garnered attention on Twitter, with Y Combinator CEO Garry Tan criticizing Valve’s anti-AI stance.

Tim Sweeney weighed in on the situation and urged the developer to consider releasing their game on the Epic Games Store, emphasizing that they do not ban games for using new technologies. Expanding on the topic, Sweeney acknowledged the concerns regarding AI-generated assets. He mentioned that a product containing a combination of human-made and AI content can be protected as a whole, even if specific assets alone may not be protected.

Sweeney clarified that Epic Games does not train generative AI on any customer content provided through their services or marketplaces. He emphasized that not all generative AI should be assumed to be infringing or terrible, as it is unlikely that it would be intentionally used as a copying mechanism. Drawing a parallel with human artists, he noted that if generative AI were to be deemed derivative work, the same could be concluded for works created by human artists based on their exposure to various influences.

This is not the first instance of Sweeney expressing his thoughts on AI. In the past, he highlighted the importance of not stifling innovation and commented on the controversy surrounding Epic Games-owned ArtStation and protests from digital artists.

Valve, on the other hand, has faced criticism for banning games that utilize AI-generated assets on Steam. The company cited legal uncertainty relating to data used to train AI models as the main reason for this decision. While Valve welcomes and encourages innovation in gaming, they maintain that developers must use AI technologies with appropriate commercial licenses and avoid infringing on existing copyrights.

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