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Epic Games Launches ‘Epic First Run’ Program for Developers to Keep 100% of Net Revenues

Epic Games has introduced a new program called ‘Epic First Run' that offers third-party developers the opportunity to retain all of their net revenues when launching games on the platform. This program serves as an opt-in exclusivity program, allowing developers to earn 100% of their revenue if their games remain exclusive to the Epic Game Store for the first six months.

Outside of the program, developers typically earn 88% of their revenue, with Epic Games taking a 12% cut. However, by participating in the ‘Epic First Run' program, developers can take advantage of the full 100% of their net revenues during the exclusivity period. Following the six-month timeframe, their revenue share will revert back to the standard 88%.

In addition to increased revenue, developers who opt for the program will also receive other benefits, such as having their games presented with exclusive badging, homepage placements, and dedicated collections within the Epic Game Store. Furthermore, these games will be featured in various store campaigns, including sales events and editorial, ensuring continued exposure throughout their time in the program.

This program is available to publishers and developers of any scale, as long as they possess a registered Epic Games developer account and their upcoming title is scheduled for launch on or after October 16, 2023. The eligibility criteria mandate that the game must be a new release not previously available on a different third-party PC platform or included in a subscription service, such as Xbox Game Pass. Titles with pre-existing exclusivity deals with the Epic Game Store are also ineligible for the program.

While this program may not directly impact players, it offers an enticing opportunity for developers to maximize revenue from their game launches. As a result, we may see certain upcoming PC games exclusive to the Epic Game Store for the initial six months of their release, rather than being available on other platforms such as Steam or the Microsoft Store.

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