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Epic Games Launches First Run Program for Developers on Epic Games Store

Epic Games has introduced its new First Run program, offering a lucrative revenue sharing model for developers who choose to release their games exclusively on the Epic Games Store. Under this program, developers will be able to keep 100% of their net revenue for the first six months after their game's release. This is a significant improvement compared to the previous revenue sharing model, where developers received 88% of their net revenue.

The First Run program aims to provide developers, regardless of their scale, with an opportunity to reach a global audience at launch. To highlight the exclusivity of the games released under this program, they will be featured on the Epic Games Store homepage with a special badge, increasing their visibility and potential for success.

However, it's important to note that the exclusivity of First Run games may not sit well with some gamers who prefer platforms like Steam. In a review of the Epic Games Store, it was described as “too basic to be our top PC game store.” Nevertheless, this program opens up exciting possibilities for indie game developers to boost their revenue and gain recognition.

In order to qualify for the First Run program, games must be released on or after October 16, 2023, and they must be completely new, not having been released on any other platforms or subscription services. However, games that have been announced but not yet released are still eligible for the program.

Epic Games has taken into consideration the needs of publishers and developers who have their own stores or sell games through keyless integration on other platforms. They are eligible to participate in the First Run program as well. Registration for the program opens on October 16 for developers with an Epic Games developer account.

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– (Source Article Title)