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Epic Games Offers Developers an Irresistible Deal to Boost Exclusive Titles

Epic Games is enticing third-party developers with an irresistible deal to bolster its library of exclusive titles. With the introduction of the Epic First Run program, developers who make their games exclusive to the Epic Games Store for six months can keep 100% of their revenue during that period. This move is expected to encourage developers to release exclusive titles on the platform.

To be eligible for the program, developers must have forthcoming new releases that have not been published on other third-party PC stores or subscription services like Steam or Xbox Game Pass. Starting in October, developers can register their games or apps through the self-publishing flow of Epic First Run. However, it's worth noting that if a developer has already announced their product on a competing outlet, they can still publish there, but only after the exclusivity period with the Epic Games Store has ended.

Participating in the Epic First Run program comes with some risks for developers. They need to ensure that their games will gain traction within the first six months and that the Epic Games Store is the ideal platform for their launch. Epic aims to support developers by featuring their titles on the homepage, in dedicated collections, and in relevant store campaigns.

This program is part of Epic's efforts to improve its publishing pipeline since March, when it opened up its self-publishing tools to developers of all sizes and experience levels. Developers can submit their titles to the platform after paying a $100 review fee. With the Epic First Run program and the recent changes, Epic Games Store is anticipated to house a wide range of unique and creative game options.

Source: Epic Games