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Epic Games Releases Fortnite Update 4.00 to Address Stability Issues

Epic Games has recently released the 4.00 patch update for Fortnite, aimed at addressing the stability issues that players have been experiencing since the launch of chapter 4 season 4. Although there is no new content in this update, it focuses on providing a smoother gameplay experience for gamers.

The release of the new season of Fortnite was met with the introduction of several bugs and glitches, which has become a common occurrence with recent updates. One example of this is the Rocket Ram, a new item that allows players to launch vehicles into the sky for easier travel across the map. Unfortunately, this item has been plagued with a glitch that has prompted Epic Games to nerf it and fix the issue.

Players have also reported inconsistencies in the damage dealt by the Rocket Ram upon direct hits. To address this, Epic has implemented a hotfix that increases the player damage from 25 to 50. This adjustment has been made outside of the 4.00 patch update and does not require a separate downloadable update.

The 4.00 Fortnite update, which was released on various platforms including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Android, focuses solely on stability improvements without introducing any new content. Although players may be disappointed by the lack of fresh features, it is expected that a content update will be released on September 5th, which may include the introduction of a new item or the return of a vaulted item from previous seasons.

Epic Games remains committed to enhancing the overall gaming experience in Fortnite and regularly addresses issues reported by players through these patch updates. As the penultimate season of chapter 4, players eagerly await the upcoming release of season 5, which is rumored to last for only a month.

– Patch Update: A patch update is a small software update that is released to fix bugs, add features, or enhance performance in an existing program or game. It usually does not require the user to download and install a whole new version of the software.
– Glitch: A glitch refers to a temporary malfunction or unexpected behavior in a software program or game that causes it to behave in an unintended way. Glitches can lead to bugs or inconsistencies in gameplay.
– Hotfix: A hotfix is a small update or patch that is released to address specific issues or bugs. It is usually deployed quickly without requiring a full update or restart of the game.

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