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Epic Games Releases Free Fortnite Skin for PlayStation Players

Epic Games has released a new free Fortnite skin exclusively for PlayStation players. The vibrant Vivi Chroma skin is available for a limited time and can be obtained by PlayStation Plus subscribers. Although Fortnite Battle Royale does not require a subscription, many players have PlayStation Plus for online services.

To acquire the free Vivi Chroma skin, players on PlayStation without a PlayStation Plus subscription can take advantage of a free trial offered by Sony. The trial lasts for a couple of days, which is sufficient time to obtain the skin. Simply visit the PlayStation Store and claim it at no cost.

It is important to note that the Vivi Chroma skin is exclusive to PlayStation and cannot be obtained on other gaming platforms. However, if players want to acquire the skin on their non-PlayStation accounts, they can ask a friend or family member who plays on PlayStation to log in with their Epic Games account and redeem the skin on their behalf.

The Vivi Chroma skin will expire in less than 24 hours, specifically on Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern Time. It is expected to be replaced by a new PlayStation Plus pack in the near future. The content of the upcoming pack has not been announced yet.

PlayStation players should act quickly to secure the Vivi Chroma skin before it expires. Don't miss out on this exclusive cosmetic item for your Fortnite collection!

– WePC