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Epic Games Reveals Concept Designs for Upcoming Fortnite Outfits

Epic Games has unveiled a new survey for Fortnite players, showcasing early concept designs for 45 upcoming Outfits. The designs feature a mix of remixed versions of existing Outfits and brand new characters.

Among the concept designs are revamped versions of popular Outfits such as Doggo, Oro, Haze, and Erisa. The survey also included a sneak peek at a new Galaxy Outfit, set to be featured in Samsung's Fortnite Cup in 2024.

It is speculated that the survey may provide a glimpse of upcoming Battle Pass characters, some of which could be released as late as Chapter 6. In fact, the December 2021 survey had revealed the Battle Pass Outfits for Chapter 3 Season 2.

Fortnite players can look forward to the next Outfit survey, which is expected to be sent out in December. Stay tuned for updates.

What are your thoughts on these new Outfit concepts? Share your reactions below!

In other news, Fortnite has announced the release date for Chapter 4 Season 4. For more details, click here.

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