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Epic Releases Fortnite x My Hero Academia Update: New Skins, Quests, and Mythic Items

Epic Games has just launched a new Fortnite update on September 12th, 2023, introducing exciting content from My Hero Academia. The v26.10 update brings in a second wave of collaboration between the popular anime series and the battle royale game, featuring new skins, quests, and mythic items.

Players had high expectations for this update, especially after last week's hotfix, which included new items and augmented reality perks. However, the arrival of the Fortnite x My Hero Academia Wave 2 collaboration took everyone by surprise.

The new skins included in this collaboration are Shoto Todoroki, Eijiro Kirishima, and Mina Ashido. These characters join the previously released Izuku Midoriya, All Might, Katsuki Bakugo, and Ochaco Uraraka skins from the first collaboration in December.

In addition to the new skins, players can embark on various Fortnite x My Hero Academia quests. These quests range from dealing damage to opponents using Deku's Smash to activating augments and acquiring accolades. Todoroki-specific quests involve deploying his Ice Wall, inflicting damage with fire, and collecting the Ice Wall in different matches.

Despite the exciting quests, completion does not reward players with free items. Instead, they earn XP for their efforts.

The update also introduces Todoroki's Ice Wall as a new mythic item. This item allows players to create nearly impenetrable walls of ice, offering protection for themselves and their sidekicks. It can be spawned at a distance, providing strategic advantages during battles.

Overall, this latest Fortnite update brings a fresh wave of content inspired by My Hero Academia. Players can now engage in epic battles with the new skins, embark on challenging quests, and utilize powerful mythic items. Get ready to explore the exciting world of My Hero Academia within Fortnite.

– Hotfix: A small update or patch released to fix specific issues without requiring a full game update.
– Augmented Reality: The integration of digital information or virtual objects with the real-world environment.
– Collaboration: A cooperative effort between two or more parties to achieve common goals or create something new.

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