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EVO Moment 37: The Legend Lives On in Street Fighter 6

In the world of competitive fighting games, there is one match that stands above all others. It happened 19 years ago at EVO, when BST|Daigo Umehara executed a brilliant and flawless counterattack against Justin Wong, defying all odds. This moment, known as Evo Moment 37, has become the stuff of legends in the gaming community, inspiring art and even being recreated in other games.

Recently, these two legendary players faced off in Street Fighter 6, and the echoes of Evo Moment 37 were undeniable. Daigo, who has been playing as the white gi Ken since SF6 launched, paid homage to the original match by using the same character and color. Meanwhile, Justin decided to go with Cammy instead of Chun-Li for their battle.

As the match unfolded, both players exhibited a level of patience and caution reminiscent of their historic bout. In a pivotal moment in the third and final round, Justin attempted a Spin Knuckle to evade a fireball or catch Daigo off guard. However, Daigo was prepared and executed a perfect parry to counter the move.

Justin, undeterred, retaliated with Cammy's level 3 Super, hoping to catch Daigo during his recovery. But Daigo once again proved his prowess by parrying the attack and punishing Justin with a devastating combo. Instead of using Ken's fully stocked level 3 Super, Daigo chose to use the same level 2 Super, Shippu Jinrai-kyaku, from Moment 37.

The outcome was not a surprise to anyone familiar with Evo Moment 37. Justin, even in defeat, recognized the significance of Daigo's choice. The crowd erupted as Justin's character was pummeled across the stage, and we all celebrated the continuation of this legendary rivalry.

To witness the epic showdown between Daigo and Justin, you can watch the video here: .

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