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Excitement Builds for the Possible Addition of Ducks in Minecraft 2023

Mojang has announced that the voting for new mobs in Minecraft 2023 is just around the corner, and fans are hopeful that ducks might finally make an appearance. Regardless of whether this happens or not, many players are thrilled at the possibility of hearing quacking in the game world.

The voting for new mobs in Minecraft 2023, where players can familiarize themselves with and vote for the next sandbox creatures, will begin on Friday, October 13th. New mobs will be presented to players in the first week of October. It is worth noting that last year's vote led to the addition of the Glow Squid.

Ducks have long been on the wishlist of mobs for Minecraft, but unfortunately, they have not been added to the base game. Ducks can be found as domestic animals in Minecraft Dungeons, but their design emphasizes why they have not been included in the main game. They look like differently colored chickens. Or perhaps, chickens in Minecraft look like ducks?

In a recent release, Minecraft hinted that something related to ducks will soon be available: a duck named Minecraft Legends dominates the show, and the quacking sound is suspiciously frequent. Earlier this year, a user proposed an interesting way to distinguish ducks from chickens.

“I believe that adding ducks to Minecraft would be a fantastic addition. They would be passive mobs that can be tamed and would assist in fishing. Multiple types of ducks could be added, such as mallards and Pekin ducks, and the ducklings would be small and yellow. The duckling would always follow its mother duck. If the duck dies, it would drop feathers and duck meat. I'm confident that adding ducks to Minecraft would be beneficial for those who create nature or parks in their world. It would also be a fun animal that creates a welcoming atmosphere for every new player,” said a dedicated Minecraft player.

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– Personal knowledge as a Minecraft enthusiast.