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Fanatic Seeks New Head Coach for Star-Studded VALORANT Roster in 2024

Fnatic, a prominent esports organization, is on the lookout for a new head coach for its highly talented VALORANT roster in 2024. This search comes after the previous head coach, Jake “mini” Harris, made the decision to step down in order to achieve a better work-life balance. Despite this change, fans need not worry about any player roster moves for now.

Colin “CoJo” Johnson, the VALORANT team director for Fnatic, assured fans in a Reddit thread that the current playing staff will remain unchanged. Johnson emphasized the cohesive and friendly dynamic within the team, asserting that serious internal issues would have to arise for any player changes to occur. Fnatic has had an impressive track record, winning two trophies this year and boasting a 24-3 overall record.

While the player roster remains intact, the head coach position needs to be filled. Fnatic has invited people to apply for the role through an open application listed on the Careers page of their website. The job encompasses a range of responsibilities and requires the successful candidate to relocate to Berlin, Germany, where the VCT EMEA league is held.

Considering the level of talent and accomplishments of Fnatic's current roster, it is expected that the organization will set high standards for the new head coach. With the 2024 season approaching, Fnatic aims to bring in a new coach as soon as possible to provide ample time for preparation.

Overall, Fnatic's VALORANT team remains a strong force in the competitive scene, and the organization is committed to finding the right candidate to lead them to further success.

– Scott Robertson, VALORANT lead staff writer, Dot Esports.