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Fighting Shaco in the Tournament of Souls

The Tournament of Souls in League of Legends is an exciting metagame event where players can face off against other Soul Fighters. Before challenging Viego, the final boss, players must first defeat Shaco. However, defeating Shaco is no easy task. Here are some tips to help you emerge victorious.

In story mode, it is recommended to bring the following abilities for Samira: Quickshot (level 1), Back Atcha (level 2), Twilight Rush (level 2), and Immortal Inferno (level 2). Patience is key when fighting Shaco. Avoid using your abilities recklessly. Instead, follow an E > Q sequence for your attacks. This sequence works particularly well when taking on Shaco's clone. Defeat the clone first and then hit Shaco with Quickshot.

Shaco has an ability that allows him to turn invisible, making him harder to defeat. When he goes invisible, spam your W ability, Back Atcha, which reflects damage back to Shaco and provides temporary safety. Use your R ability, Immortal Inferno, to keep Samira's health up.

There is an alternative sequence that you can try for increased damage. Swap out your Q ability for Piercing Precision (level 2) and your W ability for Sky Scraper (level 1). Use W to send Shaco airborne and Q to keep him suspended in the air for longer. This combination allows for more combos and higher damage output. The sequence will be W > Q.

You can also follow up with an E > Q sequence using Twilight Rush and Piercing Precision. When you use E followed by Q, the sticky grenade detonates early, turning the average damage into a critical strike. This is a great way to deal significant damage to Shaco.

If you find yourself losing with one ability setup and sequence, don't be afraid to try the other. Both approaches offer a good chance at defeating Shaco in the Tournament of Souls.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep honing your skills and strategies to emerge victorious in the Tournament of Souls.