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Final Fantasy 14 Teases Upcoming Patches and Expansion

Final Fantasy 14 has revealed details about its upcoming patches before the release of the Dawntrail expansion next year. During the latest Letter from the Producer Live event, Director Naoki Yoshida shared information about the upcoming updates, named Growing Light, which will be released in two parts. The first part will arrive in early October, while the second part is scheduled for January.

One of the highlights of the patches is a new Expert dungeon called The Lunar Subterrane, set on the moon. The moon has played a significant role in previous expansions and patches, and players are encouraged to appreciate the changing scenery during their adventures in the dungeon. Additionally, a new trial called The Abyssal Fracture will feature a battle against Zeromus, with references to Final Fantasy IV.

The 6.5 patch will also introduce an Extreme version of The Abyssal Fracture and an Unreal difficulty version of Heavensward’s final boss, The Singularity Reactor. Furthermore, a third alliance raid called Myths of the Realm will conclude the Aglaia and Euphrosyne raids from previous patches.

Other additions include updates to the PvP mode Crystalline Conflict, a new desert arena called the Red Sands, and an expansion to the gathering and crafting mode Island Sanctuary with new areas, crops, items, materials, and animals.

In addition, a minor 6.51 patch is expected at the end of October, introducing the third Variant and Criterion dungeon on Aloalo Island. This dungeon can be experienced even if players haven't finished the previous dungeons.

The final update before the release of Dawntrail will be patch 6.55, set to launch in January 2024. This update will include a capstone quest for Endwalker’s tribes, as well as updates to Tataru’s Grand Endeavor and Hildibrand Adventures side quests.

Finally, a crossover between Final Fantasy 14 and Fall Guys is also planned, with content appearing in Eorzea’s Gold Saucer.

With such a packed schedule of updates and content, it's clear that the team behind Final Fantasy 14 has no intention of slowing down before the release of the Dawntrail expansion.