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Final Fantasy 16 Producer Wishes There Was Only One Game Platform

Naoki Yoshida, the producer of Final Fantasy 16, expressed his belief that it would be beneficial for both developers and players if there was only one game platform. In an interview with a Taiwanese YouTube channel, Yoshida stated his preference for a single platform, stating that it would eliminate competition and create a better experience for all involved.

Console exclusivity has been a significant aspect of the gaming industry, with Sony and Microsoft securing third-party titles for their respective platforms. Square Enix's notable partnership with Sony, for example, has resulted in games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Final Fantasy 16 being exclusive to PlayStation.

However, there have been recent changes in this landscape. Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy 14, a game directed by Yoshida, will be released for Xbox consoles next year, ending a decade of PlayStation exclusivity. Similarly, Final Fantasy 16 was released exclusively for the PlayStation 5 in June, with Square Enix confirming its exclusivity for the rest of this year.

Yoshida expressed his desire for a PC version of Final Fantasy 16 but clarified that it wouldn't be released within six months. He explained that optimizing the game for the PS5 took significant time and resources, and although he intends to release a PC version eventually, he cannot provide a specific timeline.

In conclusion, Yoshida's wish for a single game platform reflects the ongoing competition between console manufacturers. Despite recent changes in exclusivity agreements, Final Fantasy 16 remains exclusive to the PlayStation 5 for the time being.