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Finders Keepers and 4 Other Best Ways to Make Money in GTA Online for Beginners in 2023

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online may be almost a decade old, but it continues to attract new players. For beginners, the game can be incredibly competitive, especially without proper weapons and vehicles. However, there are various ways to earn an income in the game.

One of the best ways for beginners to make money in GTA Online is to take advantage of Armored Trucks. These trucks are part of a freemode random event where players can blow up the rear door, steal the security case, and lose the wanted level. This method requires no investment besides Sticky Bombs and is relatively easy for beginners to earn money.

Another method is the Finders Keepers random event. During this event, a Gang Vehicle spawns at certain locations carrying supplies for businesses. Players can apprehend the vehicle and deliver it to the corresponding business or simply deliver it to a drop-off zone for money. This event benefits players of all types, including beginners without a business.

Collecting Action Figures is an easy way to make money in GTA Online. There are 100 Action Figures scattered across the map, and each collected figure rewards $1000. Once all figures are collected, players receive a bonus of $150,000 and $100,000 RP. This method not only helps beginners make money but also familiarize themselves with the game's map.

Selling street cars is another simple way for beginners to make money. Players can steal cars from the streets of Los Santos and then sell them at Los Santos Customs outlets. However, not all cars can be sold and there is a daily vehicle sell limit imposed by Rockstar Games.

Lastly, missions are a great way for beginners to earn money in GTA Online. There are numerous DLC missions available, some of which require investment. However, there are also missions like the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC that can be started without any payment. These missions are repeatable and allow players to interact with the community while making money.

In conclusion, GTA Online offers several ways for beginners to make money, whether it's through Armored Trucks, Finders Keepers, Action Figures, selling street cars, or participating in missions. These methods provide opportunities for newcomers to earn income and progress in the game.